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a creative year ahead…

26 Feb
February 26, 2016

my goal for 2016 is to MAKE with a little more intent.

yes, yes… but it’s end of february you say. we’re like, a quarter in, where have you been??? 

AMEN TO THAT. but, i needed to wrap up some projects, keep myself alive through january (january is the worst– holiday buzz kill, wettest month ever) and then february happened, and it was pretty whack.

whatever. whackness aside- i’m on it. here’s the deal.

a year of making with intent. finish one project a month. that’s it. start to finish, one month spent working on one item. planning for: birthdays, holidays, and of course, a handmade christmas. which has been a goal for FOREVER. i’m never so organized to execute. and i do believe to actually accomplish it- for every person on your list, you have to start well ahead. DONE.

so. if you want to project along with me- here’s the short list of some of things i plan to do- (not all included- check the sidebar soon for a complete list, with links and tutorials)

make a dress– i used to sew clothing with a lot more frequency (fashion design school, and whatnot). i thought when i had a daughter it would be a no brainer to make her summer dresses. that has NEVER happened. it’s going to happen this year. here’s the dress i like for me, here’s the dress i like for her.

yumiko higuchi embroidery– i found yumiko on instagram, and became… stalkerish? i don’t know. i just love her style. i’ve never seen embroidery so modern/retro. i love it. so i bought her book (in japanese) and have spent some time deciphering it’s contents. i want to complete 1 full pattern of hers. maybe something decorative for thanksgiving, maybe one of her adorable coin purses…

rope bowls– i see these posted pretty often. they look relatively easy, and i bought one in target that i’m pretty sure i could have made. laziness. plus, in a month, don’t you think you could make like… 10, and have them for gifts? (christmas! birthdays!) also, instead of rope, these clay ones are pretty adorable.

painting nesting dolls– you can easily purchase blank nesting dolls on etsy, and pinterest (of course) is a trove of the cutest little designs. i haven’t painted in YEARS. like for real painted. my daughter was in LOVE with a nesting doll set she got for christmas from a friend, i thought i’d add to her collection by painting some myself for her.

finish a quilt– ok, by far the thing i’m worst at (hello nearly 3 tops sitting around, gathering dust). i currently have several tops that need finishing, and frankly, i’d like one quilt to call my own. since last year in our guild was a block/border-a-month medallion, i’m going to finish that top, and quilt it. that’s like a border-ish a week, and then a week to baste and bind. which is quick, but not impossible.

design a quilt– by far the most ambitious item on my list- this might be a two monther. i’ve had this idea for a christmas quilt for FOREVER. i really want to make it, snuggle under it, watch my favorite christmas movies, and drink hot toddies. it might be a pipe dream? but i’m willing to risking a month figuring it out.

that’s 6 months of ideas. adding in kid’s costumes, random kid’s art projects and fun holiday treats… i’m probably covered for a year. i’ll update one of the icons in my sidebar to reflect year of making. also, i’m going to use a hashtag, and if you make any of the things i’m covering, you’re welcome to tag them. how about… #needleplusthreadYOM

YAY! it’s written… let’s do it. xoxox- k.

photo credit for above– bandit matryoshka and geometric neon matryoshka both by sketchinc on etsy, diy clay jewelry dish by hello glow, coil rope bowl kit by lost property hong kong on etsy, user felicia’s photo- girl’s dress on flickr, christine hayne’s emery dress made by pintuck and pearl on instagram, and last- yumiko higuchi’s amazing embroidery from instagram.

farmer’s wife 1930 – quilt along – betty block

14 Oct
October 14, 2015

i so enjoyed this block! i have a fellow quilter to thank for the addition of the plus fabric- it fits to perfectly. i’ve made just a few purchases for this project- prints seem to be where my holes are. i think a mindful addition of a few. plus, every time i use one of the prints, i think it looks completely different.

my goal with these 3 was trying to enunciate each portion of the block- the first most traditional- the bow tie shape, the second, the half square triangles made all the way across the block, and on the 3rd- the squares.

on to the next!

monday inspiration – color mood – summer warmth

10 Aug
August 10, 2015

ahhh monday. i have such a long list of things to do. what i’d like to do, is go lay under that blue sky and soak up some of that warm, warm sunshine. you know, with 50+ block, and a big hat. it feels like these days are going to be gone in a snap. this morning we all had a sleep in due to that murky cloud cover. you know it’s august

this little mood board is mostly for fun, but also a study of warm apricot vs. outright orange. i’ve started a new project, and i’m looking at fuchsias, oranges, aubergines, and poppy reds. right now, i’m trying to hone in on the pales. where they fit in. the best to offset an eggplant purple. i love it with pale apricot. i’m also really loving those pops of navy and emerald above, plus that mustard yellow!!! ahhh, color. you make me forget it’s monday.

top left, going clockwise- antique bobbins of silk thread, photo from etsy shop worthygoodstextile, a beautiful quilt from the tokyo quilt festival, taken by molly stevens. pink floral delpozo gown, photo by ann street studio. vintage bridal shower invite, couldn’t find source, and mimi holliday cennet romper from anthropology (no longer available).

enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo- k.

monday motivation – hand lettered

29 Jun
June 29, 2015

so. i’ve been following along to a crazy amount of new people on instagram (and deleting a bunch of feeds that don’t interest me much anymore) and i’ve found all these amazing feeds for hand lettering, lettering projects, and prompts to get you into the mood to create.

since i’ve wanted to take a calligraphy class for forever, i’ve decided to stop procrastinating and find one. even if i have to go alone. which is likely. i think paper source offers a couple a month, and they’re relatively affordable.

the above was prompted by @jennymaiedae of she’s compiling ideas for july and her feed if full of great prints and images for lettering.

happy monday! xo-k.

monday motivation (on tuesday) – watercolor

19 May
May 19, 2015

i got a wee bit behind this week. i’m still not sure how. i’ve forgotten all sorts of bits, and i think my brain is still unsure that it’s nearing on late may. really? how is that.

this was a watercolor that i did for my mom for mother’s day. i also did this same phrase using masking fluid. it must be an acquired taste, because i absolutely thought it was awful, and achieved horrid results.

but this? i did like how this turned out. another phrase using just one color.

up tomorrow, voting begins on the spoonflower mermaid print. that’s kind of fun. i know any of the contest things i’ve done have been hit and miss (mostly miss), but they have been fun to do, nevertheless. i’m excited to see if there’s any feedback, and it’s always nice to see something you’ve done getting actual votes.

to your inspired week! k.



monday motivation – watercolor

11 May
May 11, 2015

this phrase was reader submitted- a lovely lady i met at quiltcon (but i SWEAR we’ve met elsewhere, the NW is SMALL). anyway- it’s sweet, right? a pretty sentiment about our littles.

this is actually the second attempt, the first had a very unfortunate eraser accident. patience was not on my side, and i smeared paint into the white letter space. LAME. and so discouraging. but i learned several things. the first? walk away. do something else while paint dries.

the second- achieving a continuous, cohesive color wash- it’s as much about the paint as the brush, and i’ve realized my best brush is the one i’ve been using since the beginning. it was such a revelation. i thought i’d try another brush (just to mix it up, i have many) and see what others would do. anyway- the real sable brush (i only have one). it holds the most water, it gives a good edge. the synthetic just didn’t get enough water anywhere… a happy realization.

and third- not to be intimidated by mixing custom colors. i’m not talking mixing color via brush- this piece needed enough paint to get through the whole thing. i mixed two tube colors, and found this lovely pale aqua. easy peasy.

monday motivation – watercolor

04 May
May 4, 2015

i love seeing how watercolor is going to dry. experimenting, playing, and the color mixing is so… gratifying. it’s just… different, every time.

this one is for a friend. she’s… an inspiration. i sent her a couple quotes, asked her which one she wanted and in what color. she’s made huge life changes, and followed a big dream. i’m excited for her, and just a smidge envious. last week i received a post card from paris. she’s being brave with her life for sure. it makes me want to venture out of my comfort zone more than i do. to being brave! happy monday xoxo-k.

monday motivation – watercolor

27 Apr
April 27, 2015

after the idea of last week’s post, and choosing to be positive, i might have found a theme for a while. the bright, sunny colors in this remind me warm days and lazing. i took a few liberties with the letters, giving them a 20’s feel (if that’s a thing, i know NOTHING about fonts or text in relation to eras). color wise, i just wanted to play around with lighter colors, and see if it was as possible as the darks. definitely harder, if there are any bits of pencil line that get covered with watercolor, they will show through. i tried my best to erase everything pre-painting, but there are a couple tiny spots.

i might actually keep this one. yellow really isn’t my jam, but there’s something about this. i vowed not to keep all this trial and error (plus it’s actually fun to give them away), but maybe i just want a little bit of sunshine in my life. xoxo- k.

put a {custom} label on it.

24 Apr
April 24, 2015

i’ve sewn since i can remember. i don’t think there’s ever been a time when there hasn’t been sewing, or cloth, or embroidery, or something sewing related in my house. it’s taken all sorts of forms (mostly clothing, that’s what i studied) but there isn’t an aspect of sewing i won’t try, and most recently, i’ve been interested in modern quilting.

i joined the local modern guild, mainly through a friend, hoping i’d make a few new friends, and maybe find some inspiration to start a new leg of my career- fingers crossed, some kind of textile design.

short back story- when i worked as a designer, Read more →

so breathtaking – dior and i – movie

21 Apr
April 21, 2015

i’m a little at a loss. i don’t fashion gush much. i think it’s hard to if you’re just a commoner. but… there’s something the-little-girl-inside-you about admiring couture. right? you lived in a small town growing up, didn’t have much, and reading magazines was a peek into another world. it’s nearly… just, cliche. but, i did. i was. all of it. and… i saw this trailer, and it’s… i think i cried the first time i watched it.

i read a book, and if you get a chance, you should too- it was… lovely. and i don’t remember it going in-depth about dior, but that’s kind of where the fascination started (the beautiful fall). then, when i was going through school, galliano was… it. it was him, and mcqueen, they were just doing these collections that… they defied words, and people, and your mind. they were… stunning. so over the top. so… more than any normal person could imagine, and you saw them, and you had a physical reaction to… clothes.

anyway- when galliano went through his shit (so awful- amazing talent, not nice person) and all of sudden, there was no one doing dior, and they kept saying names, and you couldn’t imagine it. and then when they settled on raf. i just remember thinking… really? but how will it be over the top? how will he step up and be more galliano. which was dumb. because he’s brought this… fresh, clean, sophisticated feel. and it’s just so perfect, and still sumptuous. and anyway- this movie caught my eye, and i thought i’d share.

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