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get outside – carkeek park

22 Apr
April 22, 2015

it’s nice to be hitting that time of year when getting out doesn’t involve rain gear and wellies, or ducking back in the car, waiting out the rain, or worse, finding an inside space that holds their attention for longer than half an hour, more than one day a week (unicorn – doesn’t exist).

yay parks! seattle has such great parks. so many amazing outside spaces with trails, play structures, sand boxes, and fields. we are lucky. one of my faves (when it’s been dry for a bit, and it’s not salmon season) is carkeek’s trail along the creek that goes down to the beach. it’s the perfect length, so that even when you’re wearing thin towards the end, the car isn’t that far away, and you can make it back carrying one kid, and racing the other one.

we did the trail with some friends last week. so many of these images remind me how fast time has passed. the oldest of our kids are a day apart… we were in the hospital next door to each other… man, life changes quick. overnight we became parents together. and through our kids, friends.

kid outing – discovery park

03 Sep
September 3, 2013

i’ll say it.  i’ll just go ahead and put it out there.  this site is going to be about kids.  and what kids wear.  and how ever-loving mother hard kids are.  THEY ARE HARD.  it might have sewing projects on it.  it might have random collages of pencil pouches.  it might have inspiration boards for a collection of kids socks.  it might have a color wheel of all the colors of green i’m entranced with right now (you know EMERALD is this year’s color??? thanks PANTONE.)

this site can be anything it needs to be.  i’m not beholden.  i’m free to make a pictorial of courney loves underpanties and post it if i feel so inclined*.

so now that that’s out of the way.  we went to discovery park.  which… i was enraged to learn many years ago (when i wanted to take photos at the lighthouse) you can get a pass to drive to the lighthouse if you have little ones (i DID NOT have wee ones at the time, and i could not have a pass, no amount of bemoaning and pleading worked, go figure).  i don’t know if you’ve ever hiked to the lighthouse… but it’s kind of a pain.  i mean… it’s no sai or anything.  but it’s long.  and wind-ey (that’s wind not wind- forget it).  and then you get down there, and hang out for a day-ish, and you have to hike all… the… way… back.  unless you have kids.  then you’re set.

on getting to the lighthouse.  if you have my kids you a) spend the first 20 minutes dealing with blood, since low tide rocks are slick with sea grass, and one of said kids might have slipped and bashed his noggin on a barnacle rock, and then for good measure, when he went to get up, shredded his arm on barnacle rock #2.  barnacles- 2 des- 0.  and then 2) listening to the wee-est martin squall the entire time because she’s not ‘into‘ the ergo.  she planks repeatedly till she can work her feet out the bottom, then she really lets loose on the volume, because, duh, her feet are cold.  and i just bent down to pick her brother out of a tide pool, and squished her feet… and gah!!! between barnacles, and low tide smell and screaming baby, i’ve had a lovely relaxing time here at the lighthouse (that i never made it to because, well, you know…) time well spent!

*we can assume c-love isn’t one much for wearing underpants. it’s more the esoteric notion of what they would consist of if and when she did.

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