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work in progress – creating pattern + creative block

15 May
May 15, 2015

so, last week i posted that i was working on a print for an upcoming spoonflower challenge.

i literally thought- this is tailor made for me! kids, pj’s, mermaids!!! then proceeded to have complete block about how to move forward.

i had an initial flurry of getting down elements, ideas. what i wanted the print to be. but there was just something… in the way. getting from a to b was an unknown, and instead of just tackling it, regardless of skill level (like i have in the past with COUNTLESS things), i think other people know better, doubt myself, and become completely immobile.

i’m so excited that i got past that nonsense. that i kept at it. i KNOW this. i’ve got this. i realize that this is nothing big… but it feels so huge in my head. not every element is perfect. i think the repeat isn’t quite what i want. but now that i’m this far, i’ll tackle getting it closer, getting it tweaked just a bit more. i’ve got a few more days, i’m jazzed i pushed through.

happy weekend! xox-k.

monday motivation – watercolor

04 May
May 4, 2015

i love seeing how watercolor is going to dry. experimenting, playing, and the color mixing is so… gratifying. it’s just… different, every time.

this one is for a friend. she’s… an inspiration. i sent her a couple quotes, asked her which one she wanted and in what color. she’s made huge life changes, and followed a big dream. i’m excited for her, and just a smidge envious. last week i received a post card from paris. she’s being brave with her life for sure. it makes me want to venture out of my comfort zone more than i do. to being brave! happy monday xoxo-k.

monday motivation – calligraphy + watercolor

13 Apr
April 13, 2015

another of these, since i had so much fun trying my hand at last week’s. this one had an actual destination and purpose in mind. a friend i haven’t seen in ages (because she lives abroad) having a birthday, and when i saw this quote, it was just too her. on top of that- the colors! very jennie. i hope she agrees.

i think i’m going to try one more done this way, and then switch to all watercolor with white ink+nib pen. anyone have a saying or line of words they want to see? a phrase you find truly motivational? ‘just start’ has always a been a fave of mine, but it’s so short… i’ll be giving the next one away, so get your comments in here or on IG, and i’ll be choosing one lucky recipient.

5 things i’ve learned in the 4 years i’ve been a mom.

08 Apr
April 8, 2015

i don’t often write long bits about what i think. this hasn’t really been a space for that. but more and more i’m wanting to remember the little things in my life i’m in love with. it’s hard to find the silver lining some days. tantrums, meltdowns, diapers, shrieking, answering the same question 204 times. every so often though- that little bit of… beauty. that little glimpse of amazing. of course i love my kids. but they have literally turned my life upside down. it doesn’t resemble the life i had 5 years ago in any way, other than i live in the same house, and i’m married to the same amazing husband. everything else? completely different. here’s 5 truths i’ve discovered that i wanted to get down as my oldest turns 4.

1- i was an asshat. i imagined having kids. i thought about what it would be like. and in every way that i thought about it, and tried to insert them into my future life- i was wrong. i. was. so. wrong. you know where you go wrong in those imaginings? getting them dressed, finding their shoes, strapping them into carseats, feeding them, trying to have a conversation with my husband- all the things you know nothing about until you do them 20 times. a day. those little bits of things will drive you mad, and you could never have imagined them. and even if you did, you were wrong. i thought humans instinctively wanted to eat. i think humans instinctively want to throw food. and smear it on walls, and stuff it in hidden places usually on or around the couch. eat it? no.

2- your kid has it’s own personality from the moment it comes out. Read more →

monday motivation – calligraphy + watercolor

06 Apr
April 6, 2015

i’m such a sucker for motivation and inspiration. i keep a few things collected here, and when i need a little pick me up, i just scroll through.

i’ve realized over the last couple of months that i’ve been very, “i’d LOVE to do that!’. in response, my brain has been saying- when? when are you going to do that? i started feeling this… no-time-like-the-present feeling. so i’ve been crossing things off. it’s funny that as a designer, i’ve wanted to have a notebook full of my ideas, and attempts, and completed artwork, and yet, one doesn’t really exist. i have a notebook of to-do lists. a notebook of meeting notes, a couple hastily scribbled ideas randomly here and there…

so i decided to start my very first DEDICATED design journal. i’ve been starting with the easy things, things i know i can finish quickly. but i’ve staged it so i can start tackling more involved ideas, things that might take some time to figure out. in our house, that’s really about dedicated storage space. a bin or shelf to put everything away so little hands don’t get curious (or at least curious with half finished paintings). so far it’s working, and i’m really loving getting back to drawing, and painting. it’s such a good feeling. even if things go awry, it still a sense of- oh yes! i remember this. it’s so FUN!

the above was made with no one in mind. an old college friend said she liked it, and i sent it off to her. that 30 letters in 30 days is paying off for people. 😉 do you follow me on instagram? you should! got a saying or phrase you find truly inspirational? i’m doing one more in this series and i’m taking submissions for what to paint… i’ll also be giving it away. so send me your ideas, and it could be yours! xoxo- k.

make it – resolution sheet – 2015

29 Jan
January 29, 2015

it’s been a hard path back to being on the computer… i’ve been reading, and sewing, and making. it’s been nice. i took december off from blogging to really assess if i have anything to say. i think this space has slowly evolved. and i think the things i feel like sharing are… i don’t know, maybe more inspiration based than ‘things’ based. i love inspiration… where it takes you, who it inspires. there’s hope and possibility in sharing it. i love that idea.

i did this sheet again this year, even though i had ZERO success with it last year. i think it’s a good exercise. a take stock type of thing. do i think i’ll stick to all of these? who knows. i’m not ruling it out (negative). and i do think it gives focus (positive!). i kept it in my calendar last year, and looked at it about once a month. some of the things from last year, i still want to do. and just because the year’s over, it’s not like there’s an expiration on them.

do you make resolutions? how do you feel about them mid-way through the year? i’ve seen many people coming up with a phrase for the year… a kind of motto. i like that idea too, but it seems a bit daunting. one phrase or word to keep in your mind all through the year… unsure. maybe i’ll check back in on the sheet around june… i’ve got a milestone coming up then. might be the perfect time.

want a resolution sheet of your own? click that button! (i think the only thing required is an email address- it’s free!)

celebrate thank give – christmas edition

01 Dec
December 1, 2014

it’s december! IT’S DECEMBER! i’m excited. i am. i keep reminding myself that what happens today is what matters. not tomorrow, not two weeks from now, today. because these todays, they’re going to fly.

so… for the last few years i’ve tried to make lists for myself of things i like to do this month. things that make ‘the feeling‘ happen. i LOVE that feeling. i love it so much, i’ve looked for ways to work it in the rest of the year. but for some reason, it’s most gratifying now. maybe because it’s dark, and cold, and the expectations on this time of year are so wonky.

anyway. the list. it’s looser this year. i like loose. my only goal… to get the kids out. to make memories. even if it’s cold. even if it’s raining… i want them to remember their mom being action, and spirit, and shaking it to christmas tunes while we ate cookie batter. walking around doing anything while eating gingerbread and drinking cocoa. and most important, that december is about more than buying. it’s bigger than more more more. it’s about that feeling. a small tightness in your throat because you’re so thankful for all you have, and you want to share. i love that feeling. i really do. also, in the vein of sharing that feeling… visually, i’m making a hashtag for IG. want to play? hash your photos #celebratethankgive i can’t wait to see! alright, on to the list!

holiday photos– we get our pictures taken by someone who knows what they’re doing… oh… about… once a year. if that. i met val last year, and i LOVE her amazing eye and stunning photography (that’s one of hers above). i took out my photos from last year and CRIED. maybe because i’m sappy, but more because she captured all the little things about my kids i love.

holiday simmer – pinterest is full of ideas for this. basically… find an old pot, put some water in it, and add things to start making smells that make your brain think ‘christmas!’

christmas movies – i have a list i keep on my phone. i mostly like really old, or really new. meet me in st. louis, holiday inn, mame, the shop around the corner, white christmas, love actually, the family stone, elf, the holiday. and now i get to rewatch all the kids ones… sweet!

make treats/cookie swap – i rarely get to bake any more… i love baking. it’s one of those things that’s autopilot for me. it’s lulling, and relaxing, and then there’s a sweet treat at the end. last year we took treats to the firemen, des loved it. i was thinking Read more →

halloween – seattle style – toddler edition

05 Nov
November 5, 2014

wow. that went quick. is october really over and we’re already… days into november? surreal. and daylight savings. man that is a DOWNER. still never used to that. and kids. kids don’t care about daylight savings. we’re all hopped up on candy, and heading for a nap too late, and then it’s not long enough… darkness descends.

i had a hard time jumping into halloween this year. i had high hopes for costumes and pumpkin patches, and then the weather and the schedule just… didn’t collide. the first year we haven’t done a pumpkin patch. it’s fun to go, but it was kind of nice not to stress. and on halloween day i was at target buying my littlest a costume i should have bought the first day i saw it. which made us an hour late for our festivities. mom fail.

sometimes i think there’s too much pressure. like we have to do everything. all the trick or treating, and taking them everywhere… too much. it was nice to queue up a movie on saturday night, order some pizza and let go of all that nuttiness. all the expectation i put on us. i made a note on my october calendar (for next year) to remember not to be an insane do-everything monger.

i know i just want to savor every last bit of this season, but there is a thing as too much. sometimes saying no (or not this year) feels like the right thing. i’m getting to be ok with that.

make it – organization – meal planning

17 Oct
October 17, 2014

every once in a while, i get my act together and actually get something useful done. one of my favorite examples of said rad-ness, is meal planning.

back before #2 came, i had this system down where i had 6 weeks of dinners planned and 6 weeks of weekly corresponding grocery lists, and it was like CLOCKWORK. then, well, you know, things change.

but! today i can happily report that i have 3 weeks of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and SNACKS planned, with prep and shopping lists. i’ve expanded the plans to account more for dining out, leftovers and freezing. i’ve become a little more realistic about what i’m really interested in tackling (max 2 new recipes a week) and i’ve even allotted a few pre-made meals and packaged dinners. it feels DOABLE. it’s also extremely satisfying to pull out the chart and have one less thing to figure out. i’m halfway to my goal of 6 weeks planned.

i keep a binder with the color coded plans, and put all recipes for that week, behind them. i call out on each printed recipe, key ingredients in bold print at the upper right corner (makes prep and shopping lists FAST), and even have a section for things i want to try for future meals. interested in meal planning? i’ve made a pdf of 6 color coded meal planning sheets available for a little more than the cost of a latte ($5 via paypal). included: 6 color coded sheets, a sample sheet so you can see how i fill them out, and a blank shopping list as a small special bonus. want one sheet for free? here you go!

i’m always planning my next meal (no seriously, when are we eating), to that end, here’s where i virtual hoard all the things i want to eat.

do it – weekly inspiration

16 Oct
October 16, 2014

inspiration for end of week. when i need motivation, i go read a bunch of stuff here and get all jacked up on the good stuff. maybe it’s hokey, but it’s like low rent therapy. i feel like i’m having trouble with body image and self starting some sort of exercise routine. i admire friends that can tackle working new activities into what feels like a daunting schedule. or maybe i just admire the ability to have a little more backbone when it comes to want vs. need. do people want to exercise? i want to read a book. i feel pretty certain i’m going to prefer it over the pain of an exercise class. the few times i have worked up the courage, i haven’t regretted it, but… i don’t know. i’m searching for what would MAKE me go do it. pretty soon, it’s going to be that i can’t pull on my favorite jeans. then i’ll probably just freak out that i’ve let things get too out of control… YAY!

i also went through all my make-up, and threw out over half of it. i don’t even have that much, but… there’s something weird about holding onto something you think might make you look ‘pretty’ some day. bizarre. i’m done with this idea that a lipstick is going to make me feel better about myself. if i don’t want to wear it today, i probably don’t want to wear it ever. plus, the purge feels way better than knowing i have it ‘just in case’. there are so many things i seem to hoard away for a someday. i’m slowly working through finding what they are, and tossing. i don’t know why i do it, but so far, it feels pretty good to let them go.

above- leaf photo used from whimsy box. didn’t find credit for should, would, could print, but somewhere from etsy?, ‘fortune favors the brave’ print by alyssa nassner.

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