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celebrating grandpa – 94 years

06 Oct
October 6, 2014

this past sunday my grandpa turned 94. i received an email about a week ago, that he wasn’t doing all that well.

i don’t have a lot of newer memories with my grandpa. i moved away from arizona almost 20 years ago, and there haven’t been a lot of visits back there over the years. i do go see him when i get anywhere close, but the last time we saw each other was my wedding. and that was… 8 years ago. (pictured above- grandpa LOVES to rock the pastels!)

of course we’ve talked on the phone, and letters… but i miss seeing his face. i’m stricken to think he’s Read more →

wear it – hair inspiration – fall

18 Sep
September 18, 2014

my hair pinboard (yes, i’m that girl) is a bit of a schizophrenic mess. long, short, bangs, one length, dark, blond, pink… i’m all over the place. and every time i cut my hair to chin length, i’m always so happy. but every time i grow it out, i’m also so happy. and bored. hair is a boring, boring subject.

BUT! i’ve decided to do something DRASTIC with mine, and would love an opinion. tell me what you think. right now my hair is all one length, all one color (plus some greys), thick and right at shoulder length. do i keep growing, or hack. hack. hack. it’s the age old question. help me decide.

wear it – midi skirt – fall

16 Sep
September 16, 2014

just when i think i’m going to get all nuts, and do something drastic with my wardrobe (like the capsule), i round up photos of something i’m craving, and i want them ALL.

these midi skirts seem to have the ease of a dress, but could just as easily paired with a graphic tee as a twin set (let’s be real, i don’t own twinsets FYI, but it’s a nice fantasy). i also think they’d make the transition from warm to cool, SIMPLE. flats or boots, bare or tights, i love a good multi-season garment.

i sometimes think blair sadie bee (top left) of atlantic-pacific is my style unicorn. and i’m quite sure, judging by this write up on the coveteur, she does not believe in anything as minimal as ‘the capsule’. maybe i don’t either.

for more outfit inspiration, check out my board on pinterest.

do it – inspiration for the week

04 Aug
August 4, 2014

i went back to school a little later in life.  i’d had a really successful career in middle retail management, that shockingly enough, made me come home and cry and drink every night.  oddly, i wanted something more.

when i told my family i was going back to school for clothing design, they were  Read more →

buy it – shoes – toddler edition

30 Jul
July 30, 2014

seriously.  ser. i. ous. ly.  i’ve been to nordstrom 3 times.  my kid has been wearing jelly sandals that i bought on a whim, because… hello, she needed something to go on her feet, and they fit, and they were inexpensive, and i couldn’t FIND ANYTHING.  they’re even all the things that i didn’t want (pink, glitter, useless) AND they smell like strawberries.  i’m not even kidding.

so after the THIRD trip to nordstrom, thinking there would be something on anniversary sale… i got her feet measured and came home.  and now, i’ve done 42 searches, and i still hate everything.  i’m blaming being a designer, but… let’s get real.  when every store sells the same thing, it’s because they think it’s what people want, because it has a history of selling.  but WHY.  WHY.  WHY do i have to buy my 1 year old daughter a pair of shoes that has SEQUINS on them.  SEQUINS.  they’re navy.  but they’re also purple (of course, the world HAS to know she’s a girl, based on her footwear) and there are sequins.  that i missed in the online photo.  and also, because it would never cross my mind that there would be sequins on them.

i’ve put this collage together, but… it’s made me a little… irritated?  some of the brands i loved for my son, especially tsukihoshi, their girl shoes SUCKED.  every single one was pink, or purple or silver.  i could easily buy the boy ones, it just seems strange that all the girl options, and there were…37.  dude.  37.  two are blue, and they still have pink or purple on them.  i bought my son the same shoe 3 times, because it was so easy to get on, it washed amazing, and they never wore out, and he wore them every day.  i’m not buying the same version of that shoe in pink.

anyway, enough of my rant.  i’ll continue the search.  she’s got her navy/sequin shoes, so i bought us some time.  and reinforced to retailers that i’m willing to let my daughter look like a disco ball, yet again.

maryjanes – 1- see kai run 2- keds 3-cienta 4- see kai run 5- cienta walkers – 6- see kai run 7- see kai run 8- puma 9- tsukihoshi 10- stride rite (the sequin offender) 11- adidas 12- adidas

read it – summer – august edition

25 Jul
July 25, 2014

man.  can you even believe it’s almost august?  time.  flies.  i hope you’re savoring all the moments that make up this blissful season, and in that vein, i offer up the second installment of the summer reading list.

half these books, wait, math.  uhm, five of these books i’ve read (the first 5), and the rest i’ve downloaded samples of, or actually purchased.  one was given to me for FREE.  wait, more math.  2 were given to me.  are you following?  it doesn’t matter.  check out these books, and let me know what you think!

1- super hard to read, because… if you’re a mom, you’ve been there.  it’s hectic, you’ve got a million things on your mind, and you forget a kid.  i’m not saying i’ve forgotten a kid, but i am saying i can EASILY see how it happens.  i need a rating system, i’m rubbish at reviews… it’s good, read it.

2- i loved where we belong 2 (there was a ‘where we belong’ in my first list).  it was just a good story.  some of it’s hard to swallow- a teen with that much autonomy?  but i liked it.  read it.

3- again, i’m the worst at reviews- all of these books i finished in a day.  if it takes me longer than that, i know i’m not interested.  rosie project was cute.  easy to like.  read it.

4- free to fall– i’ve been a sucker for YA lately.  this was good because you can actually picture the world going this way.  soon.  facebook, phones, a plot with really smart people who infect us all with nanobots via flu shots.  what?  it could happen.  read it.

5- delancey.  ugh, so perfect for my life right now.  this was a loaner from a friend, and i felt like… listening to someone else vent about starting a business, how it affected their relationship and their self perception was perfect.  i don’t think you have to be going through any of that to enjoy it, so… read it.

6- this one was on my list last time.  i read the sample, and i keep meaning to buy it, and then keep getting free books.  it looks good, it’s up next.  right after i finish…

7- so this was another free one.  from the publisher.  i read a couple reviews and thought, yep, i’ll read that.  check it out.

8- a recommend from my MIL.  her book club is reading it next.  i like to pretend i’m in book clubs.  without the commitment of actually being social or going anywhere. or getting dressed.  or putting on make up.  you get the point.

9- it’s not surprising to me i can’t remember where i found the review for this book.  BUT.  what is surprising to me is how i remembered all that i read about it for days, and how this young girl made such an impact with her writing style and voice.  i want to read this book, if only to remember what it feels like to be young and searching.  i’m sad she’s gone, i’m looking forward to this one.

i want to know – new site title – reader voted

02 Jul
July 2, 2014

i’ve been messing around with lots of new things lately.  it’s exciting, and at the same time terrifying.  one of the things i’ve been doing a lot of, is studying fonts and their use.  i haven’t ever really applied text to my artwork (in anything other than concept), but i’m wanting to.  and at the same time, i’m pouring over identity (for starting a company) and the impact of font choice as it applies to branding.

since this blog is a great place to play around, i thought i’d monkey (yet again) with the site title.  i’d love to hear which one most appeals to you, and if you like, tell me why in the comments.

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take a poll – quilt layout – make it

27 Jun
June 27, 2014
online poll by Opinion Stage

i’m pretty sure i could sit and do this forever, and honestly, it’s time to start cutting.  i have my favourite, but want to see what other people think.  so tell me, which design speaks to you?  what would you change?

i posted my inspirations here, but things have slowly evolved.  can’t wait to hear what you think!

i want to know – take a poll – part 2

08 Jun
June 8, 2014

so. i’m going to make kids socks. my main goal is to make something just a little bit different, but seriously, it’s just kids socks. i go to target, they never have my size. i go to other stores, they’re dorky, or worse, hideous. so! i’ll make what i’d like to find, and hopefully others will want them too.

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i want to know – take a poll

06 Jun
June 6, 2014
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