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make it – handmade christmas

14 Nov
November 14, 2014

i keep telling myself i have time. i keep getting annoyed that there are christmas commercials. but really… it’s coming. and although i am a one-holiday-at-a-time type of girl, it’s time to start prepping and cutting and sewing. especially since i think i’m going to hand stitch all this business (HA! my inner naysayer says). here are 5 items to get you inspired to make something special, even if realistically it’s just 1 tiny gift for that very special someone. get the break down (and links)after the jump… Read more →

how to make it – fitted crib sheet

12 Nov
November 12, 2014

i’ve always wanted to do a tutorial. and then i start compiling the photos, and i think… ugh. i hate this. i would not want to look at this. so i started noting which tutorials i loved. they were usually beauty related. they were very tidy, pretty, and brief. so… that doesn’t always lend itself to describing how to sew something. but, i’ve tried. i’d love to hear what you think! more tutorial after the jump!  Read more →

do it – calendar – daily planner

30 Oct
October 30, 2014

so i recently flipped for the new sugar paper la for target line. mainly because last year i wasn’t working, and didn’t get my yearly nordstrom calendar (perk of working, free cool office shit). then i saw this planner on IG, went on the hunt, missed it in the store by a month or so, tracked one down, paid 3 times what they sold for. not. cool.

this year, i determined to be on it. but when the line launched on the sugar paper site, you couldn’t really tell what stuff looked like. so off to target. not stocked yet. at two different stores. begged employees. banded together with other shoppers and camped out. ok, it was only for 5 minutes, but when i asked, and another lady heard me asking, she zoomed over, and was like… i’m here for that too! then another lady. then we had a contingent, and they dug it out of the back. that much fun for $10 is hard to pass up. easy thrills.

i like my daily calendar. i like my stickies, i like my lists. i like checking it through the day and putting big colorful X’s through things that need big, sloppy, colorful X’s. i like buying a pack of stickers each month and doing birthdays. holidays, special days. let’s get real, i apparently like wasting time. but… it actually helps, and i do better when i ‘plan’.

want a FREE daily planner sheet? click here. want 7 PRETTY COLORED sheets (one for each day of the week)? click on the button below and fill out the easiest paypal form you’ve ever seen. you’ll get a lot organized satisfaction for $3. guaranteed.

make it – easy cinnamon rolls

28 Jul
July 28, 2014

sooooo.  yeah.  i do like to cook.  i do.  but between our basement being finished, and starting a business, and working freelance, and… oh, right.  two kids.  i don’t get to cook, and i don’t get to go out to breakfast like i used to.  and let’s be honest.  i used to love a good boozy brunch, but you know who’s a buzz kill?  a 3 year old.

boo hoo.  so every once in while, i peruse pinterest for some easy to make breakfast fare that will impress my children, make my husband fall in love with me all over again, and satisfy my brunchless life.  it’s a tall order.

i found this recipe and thought… i could try that.  and the sad part is, i think i looked at the recipe once, got the general idea, bought a few things at the grocery store, and then promptly forgot i was going to try it.  but on sunday, we had run out of just about everything, then i found the canned biscuits, and i was like… oh… yeah!

but the recipe calls for two cans.  and a cast iron skillet.  which i have, but haven’t seasoned.  loser.  so then i made this in a pie dish.  which kind of worked, but i think i over did the sugar/cinnamon, and then i really overdid the frosting (you think it’s not possible, but lo, it is).  i liked the general idea, and can definitely envision some modifications and potentially some other uses.  like some apple pie filling (!) rolled up in there, served warm with some ice cream.  YUM.

made it – toy bin – seattle

13 May
May 13, 2014

i think i’ve said it before… i have a hard time with most things that are made for kids.  i think a lot of parents do.  so much is disposable.  and i get why.  they’re tough on things.  they don’t understand the purpose of most things, and so have a tendency to mistreat or abuse everything.  everything that has belonged to my son has a look of bedraggledness.  and regardless of how you try to instill the idea that we take care of our things, those ideas take years to cement in their little brains.  we’re working on it.

in the meantime, i’m trying to find a curated assortment of things i want to last.  books.  blankets.  special toys that can withstand a beating.  don’t get me wrong… we have a lot (A LOT) of crappy toys that litter out house on a daily basis.  but i’m culling down as i invest in new.  i’m also making special things to use in our home that i like LOVE.  enter my idea for this toy bin.  this specific bin was a present.  after i came up with the idea, i realized i had two special birthdays on my horizon (brothers) and so… decided to tackle this project.  it was a complete learning curve, and of course, i had something very specific in mind (oh, designers).  my love of orla kiely has given me an appreciation for the wipability of plasticized canvas and bold graphic prints.  i wanted a print that would stand up to time; when no longer used for toys, could be migrated into the rotation of things to use around the house.  i’m beyond pleased with how this turned out, and hope to make a few more (in different prints soon).  maybe even make a few bucks, and list on etsy.  you know, in my spare time.

tote details- french seam encloses all raw edges on the side, japanese indigo bias tape encloses the raw edge on bottom.  hand painted motif on the outside, sealed with poly plastic. artwork  includes warm neutrals and soft metallics with pops of bright- sophisticated, but playful.  raw leather handles attached with nickel rivets.

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