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stylish tweet-up – nordstrom – bellevue

23 Mar
March 23, 2010
From needle+thread

admit it, we love meeting these larger than life online presences in person. add champagne, clothes, delish snacks plus music and you seriously can’t go wrong. nordstrom had their first designer tweet-up last week, and if tweets are any measure, i’d say it was a success. Read more →

we play favourites – elizabeth – blogmeetblog

07 Dec
December 7, 2009
From needle+thread

have i mentioned what a treat it was to get to meet a whole bunch of new bloggers, and there by get to know some new blogs. i thought i had, but here’s another- one must shock the bourgeois. and i might have been a little green with envy of her chartreuse coat… it’s lovely!

we play favourites – antonio – blogmeetblog

07 Dec
December 7, 2009
From needle+thread

you may have seen the video i linked to about the meetup, it was crafted by this handy man… antonio. i sent him a note asking if there was more to come from visualtypenoise, but haven’t heard back.

we play favourites – the magpie – blogmeetblog – seattle

01 Dec
December 1, 2009
From needle+thread

each time i’ve run into denise, i’ve admired/envied/coveted some piece of what she’s wearing.  and if you haven’t read either of her blogs.  you should.  right now.  go.

the jaunty magpie

wasabi prime

we were featured – blogmeetblog – blog sightings

30 Nov
November 30, 2009

i would be remiss not to do a round up of all the bloggers who mentioned our meetup. we were glad to have you, happy you came, and so many of you creatively expressed your thoughts of the night. thank you! if you weren’t mentioned, send me a note, and i’ll add you in! next event- spring 2010!

From needle+thread

first up- the lovely rebecca- my co-host and THE clothes horse did a great write up (AND managed to be better at taking photos than my ADD self), you should check it out.

From needle+thread

next- the magpie. after reading her post… i felt that she got the gyst of what i went after when dreaming up what this party could be, and that was community. i love her nimble collages (mine take forever, so i’m less likely to make them) and her juxtaposition of pretty fonts/words and the comprehensive rundown. nice. and thank you!  you’ll see a picture of her later this week.

From needle+thread

hey pretty thing took a photo and posted about the meetup- thank you!  i’m not sure that we met, but congrats on winning one of the giveaways!

From needle+thread

kristina from beauty revolution magazine blog brought mike adams to photograph, and it was so great to see what was going on all over the boconcept showroom- love the images they were able to capture of the event, thank you mike and kristina!

it was super fun to come across this link from visualtypenoise, thanks for the video antonio! (i’m assuming that’s your name, it was on the belt buckle, and i didn’t come across your card!)

From needle+thread

fashion for nerds made it, even with a cold. great to meet you and glad you liked the party!

From needle+thread

last days of light had such kind words about the party, and managed to post the most photos… you can see so many of the great attendees/bloggers in her post. thank you!

From needle+thread

copystrands did a great list of some of our sponsors, and got some pictures of the podogs- thanks for the mention!

From needle+thread

and finally… tarah from urban fashion network did a write up and posted all of mike’s great pics. thank you and thanks for making it!

thanks again everyone – blogmeetblog – seattle

30 Nov
November 30, 2009
From needle+thread

thanks again to everyone who contributed in some way to blogmeetblog! i’ve read some of what’s been posted about the event, and it all seems pretty positive. if you’re interested in attending the next one, or want to know what it’s all about- drop me a line-

thank you to-
Moo Cards
Hazel Salon– (the lovely ladies of Hazel pictured above)
Mike’s Hard Lemonade- having a tweetup on Dec. 17th
Qdoba- be a fan on Facebook
SPUN clothing
Jack Cellars– Sparkling event on Dec. 4th- I’ll be there and so will 2 other lucky bloggers.
PoDog- follow them on twitter!
DRY Soda– have you tried vanilla bean? delish!
Value Village

we play favourites – local lady bloggers – blogmeetblog – seattle

25 Nov
November 25, 2009
From needle+thread

i apologize about the flash. these ladies are all lovely, all bloggers, and if i weren’t on pain meds, i’d link to everyone of them. my back went out this morning… i just wanted you to see some of the great bloggers who attended blogmeetblog… one of my ‘excitement’ moments was meeting jamie- of jamie of all trades fame!

we play favourites – emerald dandy – blogmeetblog – seattle

24 Nov
November 24, 2009
From needle+thread

i’m kidding.  kind of.  i had a room full of favourites… and i was such trash at taking pictures that night.  i think it was the nerves.  but it was nice to see some friendly faces, i might even go so far as laughing faces… mr. e. dandy makes me smile.  he’s such a doll.  i wish i had taken a picture of everyone who made me smile… we’d have posts for the next month…

p.s. i believe emerald dandy’s site is unavailable due to renovations… but check back.  i’ll put the link up as soon as it’s available.

blogmeetblog – a picture an hour – event day

22 Nov
November 22, 2009

first off… let me start by saying… rebecca (my co-host) does rad picture an hour posts… i totally stole this idea.  now that my disclaimer is out of the way… i want to say how excited i was on friday… to meet everyone, to have a great event… to do our sponsors proud and show them that a blog event is grassroots marketing.  and what better way to show my excitement than to go to work and wander around taking pictures… i kid.  but i was at work for a lot of this day (something has to support my lavish blogger ways!- that’s a joke, i’m lacking in the lavish gene) and when i finally got to leave work… it was lots of last minute running around, comfort crisis (i for some reason had zero impetus to dress up) and then a mad dash to get it all together before bloggers started walking in… i thought it went off well, but it could NOT have happened without-

amazing friends who pitched in last minute- served and checked- i owe you major, and i know it.
boconcept– great space!!  what’s a party without an amazing space to mingle, mix and relax?
mike’s hard lemonade– thanks for trying out your product with us!  can’t wait for your tweetup!
trophy cupcakes– are you kidding me? a 3 week no bread streak was broken.  it was worth it.
dry soda– my new soft drink of choice, and the best non-alcoholic beverage! special sparkly.
qdoba– i loved seeing people at the party eating tacos.  it was perfect.
hazel salon– the ladies from hazel offered gift cards and samples. thank you!
tigerbeat– great tunes make for a great scene.  i love this boy’s mixes.
gems– offered jelly bellies to our party-goers… sweet!
moo cards– i have a promo code for moo if you want free cards… drop me a line.
shopruche– a giveaway and a discount. drop me a line for 10% off.

and finally… all the amazing bloggers who attended.  it was great to meet in person, it was great to hear you enjoyed yourself, and it was worth all the work of putting together a night that was so thoroughly enjoyed.  we’ll have to do it all again!  xoxo- n+t

8:00am- express lanes to kent.

From picture an hour

9:00 am- the smart juice.

From picture an hour

10:00 am- wander through the warehouse- stair shadows

From picture an hour

11:00 am- volume measuring spheres.  or something technical.  i just like to stick my hand in the bin.  they use them to measure how much a pack can hold.  cool nerdy stuff.

From picture an hour

12:00 pm- i have a very vivid imagination, AND i saw mannequin.  this is a family who are plotting their revenge because they were left arm and clothes-less.

From picture an hour

1:00 pm- sparkly bike bits.

From picture an hour

2:00 pm- no one gets excited about a camera in their face. not even birdie.

From picture an hour

3:00 pm- a bit of sun sparkles through my outfit.

From picture an hour

4:00 pm- i try to relax a little with some soft light… and day of the dead peeps.

From picture an hour

5:00 pm- last bits of getting ready…

From picture an hour

6:00 pm- i head out to blogmeetblog- excited, nervous and ready!

From picture an hour

the update – this friday – the event – blogmeetblog

17 Nov
November 17, 2009
From needle+thread

we’ve been working over the last couple of weeks to make this blogger event something special.  we’re so excited to meet everyone!

just a few things!
we’ve updated the time – it’s now 7-10pm

giveaways/sponsors- thank you thank you thank you to:
boconcept– wouldn’t be a party without an awesome party space. boconcept is also sponsoring some giveaways! sweet!
mike’s hard lemondade– mike’s will be there with their spiced apple and they want to video some blogger responses. i love holiday ‘merrymaking’, mike’s might be my new ‘go-to’ beverage for the holidays (save me the trip to ikea for glogg)
Qdoba– will be providing food for us! a full taco bar- be sure to visit their Facebook fan page.
trophy cupcakes– a little bite of sweetness, trophy is bringing 140 mini cupcakes!
Dry Soda- a little sweet, a little bubbly… the perfect party drink!
SPUN- a giveaway for the bloggers! $200 in SPUN clothing.
hazel salon & organics– free organic samples from chi and pearatin, 2 $50 gift certificates for amazing salon services!
value village– 2 $20 gift cerificates for 2 lucky bloggers!
moo cards– moo is giving several lucky bloggers free cards. we love moo, and we LOVE free!
modcloth– sponsored giveaway from modcloth. if you haven’t see their cool clothes, check them out here.
shop ruche– sponsored giveaway- see their great vintage inspired clothes/accessories here.
cs management– hired our very awesome DJ- tigerbeat. nothing makes a good party like great music!
yiu design and cylinder studio– help with the promo and website- thanks guys!

a small list of some of the 100 blogs who have rsvp’d!
the clothes horse – our co-host for the event, rebecca has an amazing blog chronicling her style and inspiration.
urban fashion network – tarah and youa do a great job of giving you the low-down on local fashion events, and sponsoring local designers.
darrah’s dresser – another seattle fashion blogger, darrah’s honest run-down of events and fashion is a can’t miss.
sydney loves fashion – local fashion insider sydney- shops, culls and finds all the great, making your job easy when you need to know where to get what.
jaunty magpie – get inspired for that next fashion purchase, the magpie puts together imagination, style and great finds.

plus: alix rose, emerald dandyfashion for nerds, the midnight cook and so many more!

we can’t wait to see everyone this friday!

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