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do it – learn apparel sewing

26 Oct
October 26, 2015

this past weekend, i went to a party. that’s epic. i don’t think i’ve been to a party, minus my kids since… christmas 2013. not kidding. i was jazzed.

it was great to see so many people i’ve known for so long, so much so, that i started feeling human again. i was… buzzing.

and standing next to a woman i’ve known as an acquaintance for over a decade, she turned to me and mentioned the class i had coming up. somewhat inquisitively, somewhat curiously… and it seemed that she might like to come. so i said- ‘you should come, it’s going to be fun’. and she replied- but it’s in kirkland. (cue slow, sad, buzz killing music…)

i’ve designed clothing for 12 years. i was laid off during  Read more →

make it – farmer’s wife 1930s check in

24 Oct
October 24, 2015

i feel a wee bit behind this week. i did get a few blocks done (above 3 versions of belle), but i think this block is technically from last week. i have 4 more in the queue (2 carolines, and 2 aimees), and seeing the 3 blocks announced this week, i feel some pressure.

feels like time is going to start flying. i’ve got halloween costumes to finish, christmas gift making to start… before i know it, i’ll be giving those gifts. but it does feel nice to take a little time out and make the blocks, read some letters from the book. i keep telling myself, it’s two blocks. two! that’s a couple hours a week.

i knew i was going to take some weeks off, i just didn’t realize taking weeks off would come with this… pressure. seeing everyone’s blocks posted, i want to keep up. it’s a good reminder that i stress about too many things, and this is meant to be fun. a journey. i’m giving myself some grace to not get too wrapped up over being a few blocks behind.

i’m sure they’ll get done. sooner or later. maybe january is the perfect time to bust out some blocks. 😉 xoxo- k.

want to join in the quilt along? gnomeangel is hosting one and so is very kerry berry.

poppy garden quilt – flower 19

22 Oct
October 22, 2015

fabric name:


i bought this forever ago, on a trip out to island quilter. i don’t think the picture does the color justice. it’s an interesting mix of almost mauve pink/lavender. i think i bought it to match something, and it didn’t. at all. but it’s perfect for this.

poppy garden quilt – flower 16, 17, 18

20 Oct
October 20, 2015

it’s possible i’ve already posted one of these- the one on the far right has been done the longest. since they’re all pale lavender, i thought i’d post them together. i personally see more of a difference between them in this photo, but i actually stitched a hexie from one, to one of the others, and then in daylight, realized. the hazards of sewing in the evenings. the far right is a linen blend i got at nancy’s, the other two? no idea. good pales are hard to find, and if i see one i like, i usually tend to buy a bit.

poppy garden quilt – flower 15

15 Oct
October 15, 2015

fabric name: briar rose calico in lilac

designer: heather ross

line: briar rose

brand: andover

this was another instance of cutting into something treasured. much like my lizzie house, i’ve only used these in bits and pieces, or frankly, not at all.

i recently discovered that this line is out of print. i haven’t really been too swayed by that thought before. but i’d always pictured i’d make a quilt for my daughter using the whole line. but if you can’t find parts of the line, you certainly can’t make something using the whole thing.

cue internet overload, and tracking down a piece of every single print. plus kind friends, offering to send bits… completion has been achieved. i can’t seeing doing that with many lines. this one isn’t so much for me, as a sweet little quilt for my daughter. she loves frogs and strawberries, the palette is just too perfect. greens, blues, sunny yellow, a dash of pink and purple… it’s what i like to call- girly light.

anyway, the above was scraps from a previous small project. i love that i was able to use them, and they didn’t go to waste. the perfect life for scraps- hexies!

farmer’s wife 1930 – quilt along – betty block

14 Oct
October 14, 2015

i so enjoyed this block! i have a fellow quilter to thank for the addition of the plus fabric- it fits to perfectly. i’ve made just a few purchases for this project- prints seem to be where my holes are. i think a mindful addition of a few. plus, every time i use one of the prints, i think it looks completely different.

my goal with these 3 was trying to enunciate each portion of the block- the first most traditional- the bow tie shape, the second, the half square triangles made all the way across the block, and on the 3rd- the squares.

on to the next!

poppy garden quilt – flower 14

13 Oct
October 13, 2015

fabric line: artisan cross dyed – orchid

brand: windham

this was another one from circa15. she truly has some amazing solids. i’ve never seen so many great solids, and in a really expanded color assortment. usually places just have a few cross dyes or linens. she’s really got an amazing selection.

this orchid color is lush, bright and eye catching. i wasn’t going to go crazy with the purples, but i feel like these types of colors will balance out all the orange and red, and pop up the darks.

make it – farmer’s wife 1930’s weekly check in

10 Oct
October 10, 2015

i joined up with the quilt along hoping that i’d meet a few people, get a little inspiration, and connect with a few like minded makers. i’ve already met a couple of people who have completely inspired me- fabric choices, different ways they’re thinking of the blocks, something as simple as how they’re putting the blocks together.

when someone in the group mentioned that if i didn’t make the block as it was in the book- then i wasn’t making the block- i thought to myself- THAT’S RIDICULOUS. i think i actually guffawed out loud. i wondered, who is someone else to Read more →

farmer’s wife 1930 – quilt along – annie block

09 Oct
October 9, 2015

someone on instagram said they didn’t recognize these to be farmer’s wife blocks. i think i took that as a compliment?

anyway- i decided since this block had so many tiny bits, that i’d try EPP with it. and since i’m still relatively new to EPP, i tried glue basting. i’ve had great success with EPP and the flowers i’ve been working on. i really enjoy the entire process- even the basting. i wanted to see if glue seemed quicker, or better… or just… something. worth a try.

i am not a glue baster. i don’t know what i did wrong, or if maybe i overthought the whole thing, but, it’s not for me. that being said, i don’t know about using EPP for this project either. these pieces are miniscule. handling them that much, was just… difficult. maybe i’ll give it another try, using sew basting, and probably on a much easier block, to ease into it. i’ve had such success with foundation piecing, i feel like maybe i shouldn’t mess with a good thing.

above- the first block is about as close to the original layout as i could get. the other two, my own versions. xoxo- k.

poppy garden quilt – flower 13

08 Oct
October 8, 2015

fabric name: floral burst

designer: sarah watson

line: biology

brand: cloud9

i haven’t bought a lot of fabric for this project. it’s lent itself to what i have on hand. since it’s such a small amount that’s used, i have a lot of pieces that have worked. it’s literally scraps.

but. that hasn’t stopped me from looking when i go into shops. and since everything i have has been cut, i know where i’m short on certain colors, or what types of fabrics i could have more of. certainly, when i’ve been in a shop, i gravitate to what coordinates. i still need about 20 fabrics, and i decided to pick up this and a few others the last time i was in circa15.

this entire line is organic, and the prints are so… i can’t think of the word. maybe it’s organic. they’re very pretty and delicate, but also kind of… dark. there’s a strength to them. anyway, i love this one because it reminds me of those tall ball shaped flowers, i think they’re called allium? but i feel like i remember this is how garlic flowers too… anyway, flower study aside- this one is gorgeous, and i’m happy it’s been added.

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