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19 Sep
September 19, 2014

i’ve been at a loose end since the kickstarter didn’t fund. there was a bunch of bad news that week… our basement reno went crazy over budget, the year long freelance opportunity i thought was coming, fell through, and then the cherry on top – no go on the kickstarter. it was… painful. all of it. and although in the long run, i DO think things will work out in other ways… i’ve been… down. and searching. trying to focus on things i really enjoy. it’s hard with two very small humans in the house to tackle bigger projects. so, i’ve been hunting down inspiration for things i can do in the 5-minutes-a-day category. enter calligraphy.

i’ve long been a proponent of beautiful handwriting. i think i probably have about 5 different handwriting styles myself. the idea of learning modern calligraphy has been on my radar for a while. Read more →

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