dressing a kid – girl edition

13 Nov
November 13, 2013

another foray into northgate mall (and a little online shopping by grandparents) and we’re accumulating some items i’m not embarrassed about for the wee-est in the house.  don’t get me wrong, i’ve slowly come to like pink (it’s weird how it happens, it’s literally something you see in every shop, and you catch yourself saying- but that’s not a hideous pink, and next thing you know, there’s a drawer full of pink. not to mention, try finding some necessary item not in pink, like a coat), but i do covet items outside the palette that’s preferred.  i get it.

these items from old navy are a) so inexpensive! b) so adorable and c) of such a quality on the onesies, i triple checked the price.  soft, durable and easy to wash, plus there’s the bonus of layering.  i layer pants under the dress, onsie under the shirt, with the sweater over… and everything goes together.  love it.

next dressing post will be about dressing for pictures.  i’ve yet to get the outfits, but with our photo looming (and santa for the grandparents) i better get my act together.  where are you finding cute clothing?  do you opt for something luxe, or something that can be worn more than a couple times (seems easier for boys for some reason)?  i’m interested to hear how others get the photo outfits together!

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