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02 Nov
November 2, 2013

with the addition of kids… halloween has become both more and less stress.  more- in the way of getting two kids (who are usually on a schedule) ready to go do something later in the evening.  and less, it doesn’t have to be about us, and pretty much anything goes.

the last few years we’ve gotten together with friends who have kids about the same age.  we have dinner, and then venture out for about 1 full block of trick or treating.  2 year olds don’t really get knocking on doors asking for candy.  but once they realize there’s sugar on the other side of the door, they literally start running from house to house.  it’s fun.

this year D. wanted to be jake- of jake and the neverland pirates.  i built the rest of our costumes around him, mostly for warmth.  our mermaid is wearing a onesie, a sleep sack, and the 2nd onsie with the shells (crafted by my very talented friend jessica), plus the mermaid bag.  she was toasty warm.  i bought most of D’s at goodwill- adding gold trim to the jacket, and making the boot covers from some faux leather look i picked up at joann’s (will be posting a how-to later, there’s not a decent one i could find on the internet, and i liked the way they turned out).  P’s mermaid bag was made from scratch, mainly with the tail from ‘splash’ in my head.  and me- i bought everything at goodwill- i’m a cross between a pirate and a gypsy and of course, a mom.

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