get outside – carkeek park

22 Apr
April 22, 2015

it’s nice to be hitting that time of year when getting out doesn’t involve rain gear and wellies, or ducking back in the car, waiting out the rain, or worse, finding an inside space that holds their attention for longer than half an hour, more than one day a week (unicorn – doesn’t exist).

yay parks! seattle has such great parks. so many amazing outside spaces with trails, play structures, sand boxes, and fields. we are lucky. one of my faves (when it’s been dry for a bit, and it’s not salmon season) is carkeek’s trail along the creek that goes down to the beach. it’s the perfect length, so that even when you’re wearing thin towards the end, the car isn’t that far away, and you can make it back carrying one kid, and racing the other one.

we did the trail with some friends last week. so many of these images remind me how fast time has passed. the oldest of our kids are a day apart… we were in the hospital next door to each other… man, life changes quick. overnight we became parents together. and through our kids, friends.

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