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08 May
May 8, 2015

so… i’ve said it before, i’ve designed for going on 12 years. i’ve come up with thousands of concepts for artwork, and in my most recent job, i created artwork for socks. it was very… static. flat.

for years i’ve wanted to branch out into print design, and over the last year, i’ve played around with motif and ideas, but i’ve (for some reason) been really intimidated, and never finished anything.

recently i watched some of the creativebug class on designing prints, and realized i know more than i think i know. i can’t tell if that makes me feel better or worse.

since i’ve been using fridays to post about creative projects in the works, i thought i’d put this up, even though it’s not close to being finished. spoonflower is having a print contest related to kids sleepwear. i figured if there’s anything i do know, it’s kids clothing (designed for over 7 years), and maybe that would lessen the intimidation factor. now i just need to finish this up, and submit it.

to figuring it out! happy friday! xo-k.

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