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14 Jul
July 14, 2014

i’m sitting here thinking of the gazillion things i have to do.  i can hear two separate kids squawking in their rooms as they settle down and (hopefully) go to sleep.  a process that takes at least an hour.  i need to paint toes, and paint nails, and charge my iPad, and refine, refine, refine the script.  i might as well write out some cue cards, because, let’s be honest, there’s neither time nor brain power to memorize lines.

tomorrow i’m going to film a video for the kickstarter to FINALLLY launch the rest of my business.  the big chunk.  the fun chunk.  the scary chunk.

i’m jazzed.  i’ve been tweaking, and playing, and messing about with these designs, until each one feels like the best version of itself.  i put up these votes just as a way to refine one last time.  to make sure i’m not totally in left field.  i mean, i’d put pink on my baby boy, but i’m a design mom.  they’re WEIRD.

thanks guys!

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