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09 Aug
August 9, 2014

packaging!! exciting! i defer to experts on things like graphic design, and josh is amazing. he did our Small Socks logo, and i love how playful it is. but now on to harder things… packaging decisions.

trying to put into words what you want in a package is challenging. i wanted it to be simple, quirky, retro and also have an element of texture. for each of these versions, there’s something i love… A- so clean. B- bigger shapes and that pattern along what will be the sides of the band, and C- i love so many things about C- the offset, those retro colors working together…

BUT! i’d love to hear what you think! vote in the poll below, and let’s get the band around our socks decided!


online poll by Opinion Stage

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  1. Mark S says:

    I voted for option C, because the mix of colors seemed fun.

    However, with the colorful socks included in the packaging, I concede that A or B may look better due to a color overload that may occur if packaging C is mixed with the product.

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