day 1 – capitol hill block party – the first few hours

25 Jul
July 25, 2010

i was uber excited to see a few of the bands playing friday. like… jazzed.  so when i got there (after work), and the ‘will call’ line stretched two blocks, i waited.  then when my tickets were in the ‘guest list’ line… i tried to shake it off.  i was doing pretty well.  thinking… man, this is way better than i thought it’d be.  then, bang. no breathing room.  no moving room.  drunk people. elbows. and suddenly, i realized the photos weren’t worth it.  i liked the few bands i got to see. and having been to my share of music festivals, i am by no means, a baby.  i just think CHBP is still figuring it out.  should a photographer have to shove through over a block long area of people to get photos, and then… shove your way back out?  maybe.  but it detracts from the experience. everything i’ve been reading seems to show people are enjoying themselves… and the music.  i’ve seen a lot of amazing photos, and think maybe it’s just not my thing.  give me bumbershoot, wide open spaces, years of experience, and just around the corner.  for all of my CHBP photos, click

band fences at neumos- these guys and chris pureka were my favourites

band shabazz palaces at the main stage

the reflection on that drum shows some of what the venue was like… packed and narrow

band unnatural helpers at neumos- these guys had amazing energy

band yeasayer at the main stage

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