listen – bumbershoot – day 1

08 Sep
September 8, 2010

every year i’m impressed by how well bumbershoot puts on an enormous show.  just like i have my favourite fashion-show-throwers, a music festival shouldn’t be a beating (*ahem*capitol hill).  you should know where the gate is, know where the stages are, know who’s doing what, when.  and although every year i’m a little put off by the crowds, i never once think, i wish this could be more seamless.  from the ease of press entrance, a badge being your ID, schedules that are pretty strictly adhered to.  it makes it easy to enjoy the music.  which is just what we did.  thanks for having us, and thanks for letting me capture some of the rock.  for all photos, click

did you love 90’s girl bands like sleater kinney, the breeders, and luscious jackson? then you should drop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and listen to visqueen.

rachel flotard took a few moments to talk to me about her style. what do you want to bet it has to do with simplicity, comfort and ease?  girls like her make it look easy.  **small aside- rachel is performing in an upcoming patsy cline tribute.  yes please.

feral children getting feral in the skychurch.

loved the KEXP live shows- here the danish duo the ravonettes

colin meloy of portland band the decemberists at the mainstage

and finally, my favourite performance of the day (second only to visqueen- rachel and neko are friends AND perform together!?!) neko case!

my favourite adjective for her voice is ‘shimmering’. songs about love (of course), loss, the bible. seriously, she could sing about economics, i’d listen.

my perfect end to a great day of music. as if it could get better, we then went and had sushi at moshi moshi (ginger punch + tadashi- YUM!)

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  1. jamieofalltrades says:

    I’m so bummed I missed Bumbershoot this year, but these photos make up for it. Your Rachel photos are amazing. She is a fantastic performer! {And I had no idea she was friends with Neko! Girl Power!}

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