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12 Jul
July 12, 2010

my husband has six tool albums.  when i said i was going to take photos… he played me some songs.  since i have a fairly open music mind, and it wasn’t reggae, i didn’t hate it.  since i’ve also been to too many shows lately, with inadequate ear protection, i decided to invest in serious earplugs.  call me granny, but i can’t stand the ear ringing after a show anymore.  the helpful clerk at guitar center sold me some plugs, inquiring if i was going to see tool.  i was somewhat surprised by the question and asked why he was asking.  ‘people have been buying them all day for the tool show.’  apparently i was on the right track to the type of music it was.  even the general masses thought they needed to protect their eardrums.

this is in no way a review.  i will gladly listen to some of the albums, and tell you what i think (over a beer).  but i was in key arena to shoot photos for ONE SONG.  and although i was given a ticket (which i think is generous for a show that sold out in 40 minutes) i wasn’t allowed to bring in my many thousands of dollars of camera gear, and since i was dropped off, there wasn’t really anywhere to put it, so i wasn’t able to stay.

i will tell you what i find most interesting- lead singer maynard keenan has bought land and built a vineyard in arizona (my home state).  people seem very passionate about tool’s music.  i love that on top of inspiring millions of fans with music, he’s also pursuing this role of making small batch wines.  his first wine was named after his mother.  here’s to artists who inspire, cross genre.

for info about tool, for info about the documentary- blood into wine and for the rest of my photos be sure to click

an eerie projection of what came together into a face

we were back by the mix, this is most of the band- maynard is in silhouette

guitarist adam jones

drummer danny carey

i thought he was behind a partition, but some of my photos showed him in front

bassist justin chancellor

maynard james keenan

adam jones

thanks to tool for having me out

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