musical style – suzanne vega – the moore – downtown seattle

26 Feb
February 26, 2010
From needle+thread

i’ve been lucky recently to take my camera places i don’t normally get to (begging works!).

tonight i went to see a great show, at a gem of a venue in seattle (neko case, travis, snow patrol, keane have all played amazing shows there) the moore- playing tonight- suzanne vega.

it’s touching to get a glimpse of where songs you love have come from- gypsy (such a gorgeous song) written at the age of 18 for a summer love.  caramel… a song you hear and can’t help the urge of taking a naughty bite of something (or someone) is about just that… wanting something you can’t have.

From needle+thread

performing small blue thing

From needle+thread

her shoes were truly gorgeous…

From needle+thread

a song about her home- new york is a woman- when asking the crowd what type of person seattle was, it pains me the response was… ‘a man’.  ‘what type of man?’  ‘a nerd’.  blurg.

songs you most likely know- luca and tom’s diner preceded the encore- calypso and rosemary.  suzanne has an amazing catalog, and if you want to get luca out of your head, pick up her new album of love songs. ‘best hits’ are hard recommends for diehard fans, but her love songs depict the different faces and facets of love, you won’t be disappointed.

want to see more pictures?  visit my write up on the p-i after dark blog!

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  1. glamspoon says:

    I’ve always admired her style – effortless, but not sloppy; chic but not trendy. great photo!

  2. jaunty magpie says:

    Too cool! The photos turned out beautifully and what a fantastic treat to be able to get up close and personal to such a beautiful artist. Her music really is the soundtrack to many adolescent teen memories, lost in thought, future fears, and wistful dreams.

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