a new friend – birdie

08 Nov
November 8, 2009
From needle+thread

you may remember that we were pretty broken hearted when our friend mura passed away.  and slowly, we’ve mended, remembered, and laughed about the crazy quirks of our old pet.  she even has a small memorial at our family wall… but we were ready to find another pet, love a new dog, and fill the corners of our house with hair, dog toys and paraphenalia that denotes… a dog lives here (bones squirreled away in our living room!).

this is birdie.  a friend of a friend let us know that a couple we knew were looking to find her a new home.  through no fault of her sweet temperament… birdie has come to be with us.  in the 24 hours that she’s been in our home, we’ve seen what we’re in for, and it’s already making us laugh, filled us with disbelief and brought that feeling of… yes.  this is just right.  we’re so excited to have her, the coming holidays are going to be that much more fun with a dog to share.  and although it’s not all rainbows and puppies (ha!) pet ownership brings that little bit of something we’ve been missing since mura left…

From needle+thread
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3 replies
  1. Tarah says:

    Congrats on the new pup – she’s a cutie!

  2. jaunty magpie says:

    What a sweetiebones (I call my own fuzzypup that). What a blessing on both ends, to have such an inspiring source for unconditional love in the home, and such a nurturing household to return that love.

  3. bugsmum says:

    She has the most adorable face. I cannot wait to wrap my arms around her neck and hug and kiss her. And you to, of course! I love the pictures of my lucky new grand dawghter. I only hope I can come visit soon to spoil her and play her favorite game like I used to with Murmie. Love, Mom

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