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18 Jan
January 18, 2010
From needle+thread
From needle+thread
From needle+thread

i love a good long weekend.  breakfast out.  reading on the couch.  general puttering.  i’ve needed a good putter.  feel like i’ve been all go-go for the holidays.

these shots of dogs were taken over the weekend.  i wish i could snap a pic of every dog i see… they’re everywhere in seattle.  one of my favourite things.  the last is, of course, my own little luv…

posting might be light this week.  i’m headed out of town.  perhaps i’ll update while away, we’ll see how tech savvy i get out on the road.

in the meantime, i’ve scheduled a couple posts about the aquarium to tide you over.  haven’t been there in ages.  it’s so nice now.  and enormous.  plus octopus week is coming.  cool.  i’m totally going back for octopus week.  even if it means i have to throw a few elbows to get some decent pics of the cephalopods.  the kids were DEEP in that area.

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5 replies
  1. Maya says:

    Love the doggies. Can’t get enough of them! And, your own little luv is wonderful!

  2. Lyndsy says:

    Oh these pups are just soo cute!!

  3. Sally says:

    LOVE the puppies! You really capture their spirit!

  4. jaunty magpie says:

    Oh… so soulful and bright-eyed. Is it not obvious how much I LOOOOOVE doggies? And yes, I must call them doggies. I admit, I don’t get all googly-eyed over babies very often, but when there’s a fuzzy pup-face, I just fall victim to the cuteness!

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