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22 Sep
September 22, 2014

sooo… a friend on facebook sent me this, and… i don’t know, something about it. first off, when you think of stevie nicks, you can probably 100% picture her style, right? reading articles where she’s commented on how she dresses, it started out as a way to feel safe in front of so many people. fleetwood mac was bigtime when nicks was relatively young. she wore layers and layers as a way of protecting who she was, and it all had that gypsy bohême look, and suddenly, it was… her look.

i’m still not sure… there are over 630 entries. some of them, AMAZING. if you feel like checking it out, i’d love for you to consider voting for my design. i’ve seen designs on there that i think are amazing that have zero votes… luckily there are two prizes. one for most votes, and one chosen by stevie herself.

although i’ve never designed something like a shawl, sometimes it’s just nice to get out of your rut and do something new… don’t you think? thoroughly enjoyable… and clicking through photos of stevie nicks in the 70’s and listening to rumors- i’m all inspired for fall.

want to see some truly amazing pieces- girl on a vine has kimono, shawls, dusters… wow. and she vamps on etsy- beaded, fringed… all beautiful.


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