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07 Nov
November 7, 2014

i recently made a trek to what seems to be one of the only big art stores left in the city (besides the tiny dakota in ballard), blick on broadway. i didn’t realize blick bought utrecht. bummer. i loved going to utrecht. it had obviously been a while…

the last time i went i bought a few of these concentrated watercolor inks by dr. ph martin (the dropper bottles in the photo). i’ve used them on a number of tiny projects, and thought i wanted a few more… i also wanted to expand my (quality) paper supply. i’ve been practicing my calligraphy, and wanted to expand into white ink on black, and lastly, i wanted an actual watercolor palette.

blick had all of it, and free parking underneath (didn’t know until i was checking out, first hour is free). i’ve started a few projects, i’ll try to update as i can here. since they’re mostly being done at night, it’s hard to get decent photos, but maybe i’ll get adventurous and get the kids slopping about with some paints…

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