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17 Apr
April 17, 2015

i’ve been looking for a way to move towards drawing people again. i used to be really good at it, but add about 11 years of drawing outlines of garments, socks, puppies, flowers, hearts, stripes and dots on a computer, and the skill has… diminished.

fortunately, drawing is like bike riding. maybe that’s not even the right analogy. it’s like… speaking french. you remember some of the words, and kind of how to put them together, but as soon as you hear someone speak it for a bit, and try doing it yourself, it comes back.

i’ve been overly intimidated about drawing a person. i’ve drooled over fashion illustrations for years now, and instead of picking up a pencil, and trying, i’ve talked myself out of it with the but-you-won’t-do-it-as-well-as (insert amazing artist’s name) gem.

so enough. i’ve been drawing random, quick things by hand to get back in the groove. letters, flowers, things that are small, and easy to tackle, things that provide a quick level of satisfaction, and by ratio, a moderate level of success. i’ve been scouring for a person to draw. bloggers, celebs, nothing was interesting. and then i started thinking… local. what i want to represent in a sketch. personal fashion that’s attainable. and i went and re-consumed its my darlin. dana does a great job of capturing seattle style. i always love her eye and what she captures and shares.

so. above is my first person sketch after… about 10 years off. not horrible. not amazing. but so not awful. it looks like a human, which is always a plus when you’re drawing a human. there are bits i’m absolutely pleased with (left foot, !!!), there are bits i’m less pleased with (the rest of it)*. but overall… happy to be sketching again. i’ll be posting illustrations (along with other creative projects), as they’re finished, on fridays. happy weekend!

*if the human represented in the photo sees this- you are LOVELY! i am 100% only dissatisfied with my skill (lack) of representing you with a pencil and paper. i apologize for my inability, and hope you do not take my drawing as any form of insult.

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