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07 Jul
July 7, 2014

wow mondays suck.  not to be totally trite, but they seriously do.  i never really remember thinking that they were that awful.  but kids, a holiday weekend, sleep schedules off, fireworks, barfing-nervous-wreck dogs and crying babies all night.  this monday could seriously use some drone coffee delivery (million dollar idea, you’re welcome, someone please get on that).

i’ve been feeling lately like things fall apart to fall back together in better alignment.  it sounds dippy, but after the morning (and subsequent day) i’ve had, it’s right on target.  several things fell through for the beginning of this week, major things.  things i’ve needed.  but hours later, it’s like all of it happened to make space for what actually needed to happen.

love that.

i’m going with some beautiful images, because i need a bit of dreamy today.  i need ephemera. which is a favorite word for nothing more than the thought it creates… indulgent, whimsical, and beautiful.

photo credit- amazing poppies, nacelle, posie dress- tumbler rabbit hole, tulle in the trees, link not found, botanical 5510- kari herer prints in anthology mag.

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