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22 Jul
July 22, 2014

soooooo.  yeah.  i still hate mondays.  i will however amend that to say… i did an amazing job of working through the negative yesterday, and finding my zen about what needed to get done.  some of it involved going to home depot and lowe’s with two kids.  which, for anyone who knows, can go two ways.  the one who’s supposed to stay asleep, can sleep blissfully through the whole thing, and the one who’s supposed to be awake, can take your phone and listen to 80’s music for the duration.  or… the one who’s awake can lose his mind when you take the phone to text the contractor (who was supposed to be at your house 2 hours ago) and wake up the one who was supposed to be sleeping.  then home depot could only schedule one person to be working while 5 people wait to be helped in what appears to be the only section of home depot with actual customers (blinds, carpet).  you could realize that you still have 4 more things to get, and another store to go to, while both kids scream their heads off.  it could go that way.  but i will say, no endorsement of fast food, french fries will make EVERYONE shut up for the length of time it takes to get everything you need.  and i got a much deserved, well earned coke FTW.

i’ve been working a lot on perspective, outlook, and mood control.  i’ve been telling myself that i am in charge of what my mood is going to be, and for as ABSOLUTELY hokey as i think it sounds… it’s been working.  when you tell yourself that you can be happy regardless of screaming toddlers, that you should be happy for all that you have, for the simple fact that you woke up today, and the world was still spinning… it can literally change how you feel.  i love that.  i love it.  don’t get me wrong, i’m am the last person you’d ascribe the pollyanna moniker to, but… it works.  so there’s that.  and when it doesn’t, there’s always french fries.

for more good mood inspiration, check out the pinterest location where i virtually hoard it all.

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