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01 Jul
July 1, 2014

so, this week i encountered something i usually encounter when i’m working through how to do something new… the naysayer.  the person who isn’t necessarily negative, but they’re not in any way positive.  they usually end up saying one of the negative thoughts that’s gone through my mind 4 million times since i started this new venture, and in the past, i’ve let what they say become part of the force that stops me.  basically they confirm my worst fears.

but.  those fears aren’t actually founded.  i’ve taken to looking at the fear in a new way.  and i’m dealing with the fear in a new way.  i had a therapist a long time ago who had some really great strategies for dealing with a negative internal voice.  basically tell the internal voice to be quiet.  like it’s someone you would never listen to.  get stern.  get outraged.  and slowly, you’ll stop listening to the negativity.  you’ll realize that you can silence doubt by being an advocate for action.

fears are legitimate.  they should give you pause.  but, they shouldn’t stop you.  they don’t stop successful people.  i’ve realized that people who piss on your dream, probably didn’t realize a lot of their own dreams.  and i’ll state it again, because it’s become my new mantra, it’s all been done, but not by you.  just because other people want to do something, or are doing something that you want to do, doesn’t mean you can’t do it too.  there’s room in this vast world for many voices.  make yours among them.

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