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19 Sep
September 19, 2014

i’ve been at a loose end since the kickstarter didn’t fund. there was a bunch of bad news that week… our basement reno went crazy over budget, the year long freelance opportunity i thought was coming, fell through, and then the cherry on top – no go on the kickstarter. it was… painful. all of it. and although in the long run, i DO think things will work out in other ways… i’ve been… down. and searching. trying to focus on things i really enjoy. it’s hard with two very small humans in the house to tackle bigger projects. so, i’ve been hunting down inspiration for things i can do in the 5-minutes-a-day category. enter calligraphy.

i’ve long been a proponent of beautiful handwriting. i think i probably have about 5 different handwriting styles myself. the idea of learning modern calligraphy has been on my radar for a while. there are certain amazing people i follow on instagram, and one day about 2 weeks ago, i thought- yes, today. internet searches, pinterest treasure hunts later, and here’s my round up of the best resources for tackling this on your own.

need inspiration for what to do? check out these ladies for some go-to amazingness. manzanita paperie does makes such enviable artistry with her pen. and her camera, and her floral finesse… truly. the little-bit-of-everything maven. love her style. you can also follow her on instagram. another lady i check from time to time- ana victoriana. she does most of what she does with watercolors, but… wow. there’s a time lapse vid of her painting. i’ve probably watched it 20 times. talent.

the postman’s knock – the beginner’s guide to modern calligraphy – simple, get-you-going pictorial. a great beginner’s list of supplies (i got a couple of everything + paper, about $50), a very short vid, a few free sheets to practice, and for the price of about a latte ($5) you get the next round of practice sheets.

by far what i think the best value- i still love calligraphy online course ($95). i haven’t splurged just yet, but maybe after finishing the other practice sheets. seems like she’s culled what constitutes good instruction, and streamlined the process for learning- 30 days of instruction + practice sheets/assignments. plus, you can upload your projects to online galleries, and get interaction about the process and/or feedback about your progress.

i’m so looking forward to investing a little time in a new skill. isn’t the internet so vast… what did we do before we had the entire world at our fingertips? to be inspired by so many true talents on a nearly daily basis. love it.



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