make it – resolution sheet – 2014

14 Jan
January 14, 2014

i’m not usually one much for resolutions.  its exhausting trying to change so many things all at once.  but then i found this sheet on pinterest, and thought… huh.  i could make that.  so i did.  and now i’ve gotten all inspired (see: carried away), and bought a calendar, and then i thought…. ohhhh, a daily list sheet, which might be overkill, but also might get me out of my forgetting-to-do-everything rut.  and now i’m not really changing things so much as just trying to be a little more organized?  right?

if i figure out how to make the sheets downloads, i’ll post them up- and then you can download them and get overzealous with me.  why not.

if you’d like the resolution sheet- CLICK HERE.  if you’d like a free daily to-do list- CLICK HERE

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