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20 Jun
June 20, 2014

i joined a quilt guild for several reasons.  a dear friend was joining.  i needed to meet some new people.  i needed to get out of my {artistic} comfort zone.  my grandma belonged to one, and i’d been reading old letters from her.  she always talked about going to meetings, and doing things with her guild.

i wonder what she’d think about a modern quilt guild.  about her grand daughter loving one of her hobbies in (most likely) a completely different way.  i wonder about all the things she made in her lifetime.  where they are.  what inspired her.  i think about all of her fabric i used to love when i was a girl.

above is inspiration for a challenge i’m working on.  we were given *gasp FREE* some fabric and told to come up with something.  these are the things i’m loving about guild membership.  direction without (too much) constraint.  here work on this!  and here’s some fabric!  the first one i did was… challenging.  i don’t know a ton about quilting.  i love quilts.  i love sewing.  i’m learning to put the two together.

above: obviously i’m being drawn towards TRIANGLES! 1- i tried, but not in my language.  love the mix of solid and print in the same color. 2- the one lone half square triangle, coolness by jane denton 3- *heart* anything with just a touch of flouro – summer art print by ornaart 4- GAHHH, i want to marry that quilt, but alas, i’m already married.  loving how the black triangles are all on one edge, and the white on one edge. 5- i think this is maybe not what you tackle when you are tackling your 3rd quilt, but i’m inspired by it.  especially the white and black again. 6- urban outfitters bedding (of all things)- i’m liking the graphic, and the delineation of the lavender triangles mixed with white and grey. 7- are you kidding me, look at it.  what’s NOT inspiring about that. 8- my one weird one.  i like the idea of an offbeat color split.  this whole series is fun, by andre britz.

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