monday motivation – watercolor

11 May
May 11, 2015

this phrase was reader submitted- a lovely lady i met at quiltcon (but i SWEAR we’ve met elsewhere, the NW is SMALL). anyway- it’s sweet, right? a pretty sentiment about our littles.

this is actually the second attempt, the first had a very unfortunate eraser accident. patience was not on my side, and i smeared paint into the white letter space. LAME. and so discouraging. but i learned several things. the first? walk away. do something else while paint dries.

the second- achieving a continuous, cohesive color wash- it’s as much about the paint as the brush, and i’ve realized my best brush is the one i’ve been using since the beginning. it was such a revelation. i thought i’d try another brush (just to mix it up, i have many) and see what others would do. anyway- the real sable brush (i only have one). it holds the most water, it gives a good edge. the synthetic just didn’t get enough water anywhere… a happy realization.

and third- not to be intimidated by mixing custom colors. i’m not talking mixing color via brush- this piece needed enough paint to get through the whole thing. i mixed two tube colors, and found this lovely pale aqua. easy peasy.

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