monday motivation – watercolor + calligraphy

20 Apr
April 20, 2015

a good reminder, right? hard to follow, for sure. i’ve spent the last week working on budget and finances, trying to convert over to a new version of quicken. i’ve caught countless errors in my own bookkeeping, and i’ve had to make calls about charges and transactions i’m unsure about. add to that a refinance, and taxes… it’s been… exhausting. so much of being a grown up causes weariness.

anyway- i could do with the reminder that we’re all fighting the fight, or tired of something, and that maybe my outlook needs to be a little more positive. even if i’m not feeling it. choosing to be happy and positive is a constant commitment. i needed a reminder.

i think i’ve got a couple more of these in me. they’re getting a tad easier. and although i haven’t worked out a process that leaves me with fewer dry spots, i’m still enjoying the making of them. and, i will say, i love them as a gift idea. relatively inexpensive, completely customizable, and… handmade? done.

this one is up for grabs! if you want it- comment on instagram, or leave a comment here. i’ll draw a name by the end of the week, and pop it in the mail to you. xoxo-k.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Love it!

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