monday motivation – watercolor

27 Apr
April 27, 2015

after the idea of last week’s post, and choosing to be positive, i might have found a theme for a while. the bright, sunny colors in this remind me warm days and lazing. i took a few liberties with the letters, giving them a 20’s feel (if that’s a thing, i know NOTHING about fonts or text in relation to eras). color wise, i just wanted to play around with lighter colors, and see if it was as possible as the darks. definitely harder, if there are any bits of pencil line that get covered with watercolor, they will show through. i tried my best to erase everything pre-painting, but there are a couple tiny spots.

i might actually keep this one. yellow really isn’t my jam, but there’s something about this. i vowed not to keep all this trial and error (plus it’s actually fun to give them away), but maybe i just want a little bit of sunshine in my life. xoxo- k.

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