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24 Apr
April 24, 2015

i’ve sewn since i can remember. i don’t think there’s ever been a time when there hasn’t been sewing, or cloth, or embroidery, or something sewing related in my house. it’s taken all sorts of forms (mostly clothing, that’s what i studied) but there isn’t an aspect of sewing i won’t try, and most recently, i’ve been interested in modern quilting.

i joined the local modern guild, mainly through a friend, hoping i’d make a few new friends, and maybe find some inspiration to start a new leg of my career- fingers crossed, some kind of textile design.

short back story- when i worked as a designer, i didn’t often get the chance to create actual prints or artwork for textiles. i created the concept, and found inspirations, and then i handed those off to an artist, and they would come back to me with their interpretation of what i’d asked for. i worked with amazing artists, sometimes it was like… we shared a creative brain. we just got each other. nothing was more frustrating than not sharing a creative vibe, and on many occasions, i wished i had the time to create my own prints. actually, on numerous occasions, i didn’t want to be a designer anymore, i wanted to be a print artist.

i have 12 years of design experience. that feels like forever. but, i have zero years of print design, and i have zero years of graphic design education. i think those things (in my mind) have held me back. i know what goes into a good pattern. i could call out missing elements, i could talk about line and hand, and colors that needed to be altered. so, i decided (after i got laid off on my second maternity leave) i should make prints and upload them to spoonflower. i’ve been procrastinating for forever. it’s been on my list for months. if i’m honest, because i realize now, my daughter is almost two, it’s been on my list for over a year.

not anymore. i think i just needed… a gateway drug. i don’t know what else to call it.

i received an amazing mini during an instagram swap. it was the #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap. you made a mini for someone, and then you received one from someone else. mine was stunning. when i opened it, and read the letter, i cried. it was a from a STRANGER. i was crying (ugly cry), in my car. i could wax poetic about why, but… it was just. thoughtful. it was really thoughtful, and work intensive. it was paper pieced. if you don’t know what that is, i’ve sewn for all my life, and i’ve never attempted it. and it was completely made for me. like… me me. someone who had never met me, trolled my IG, figured me out, and made a sweet little (paper pieced) mini quilt just for me.

so. i wanted to pay that kindness back. what i really wanted to do, was get on a plane, go hug her and be her new BFF (HA HA crazy lady!), but… instead, i wrote her an email, and asked her if she’d be into the idea of me making her some custom quilt labels. maybe she sensed that i was unhinged (i swear it’s the sleep deprivation), but it took her a while to respond. when she did, she was into it. so. here are the labels i came up with for her. they are loaded into spoonflower and zooming their way towards printed fabric, and then being delivered to my doorstep. i’m one step closer to textile design. or… not really. but much less intimidated.

want custom labels of your own? drop me a line. i’d love to work with you and make that quilt label you’ve always wanted!

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