rainy saturday – new cards – moo

17 Oct
October 17, 2009
From needle+thread

i remember the first person who handed me a moo card. it was at ballard artwalk about 3 years ago… and when i turned over this wee rectangle, there on the back, was his art. i loved it. i kept it. i still have it. let’s not digress into my hoarding… moo cards. since then, countless people have handed over these little physical representations of themselves, and i have to say, they give new meaning to the somewhat staid idea of ‘business card’. i’ve never personally liked having business cards, but when these showed up, with all (ok, not quite all) my favourite pictures on the back… i kind of squealed. want one?

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9 replies
  1. Karen DeLucas says:

    very cool! I had gotten some smaller ones for my flickr site when they first came out…now they are on my list to do for my blog.

  2. Darrah says:

    So glad you joined the club! I love Moo cards! I also love that I'm on one of them!!!

  3. Jamieofalltrades says:

    Ooooo, good reminder I need to order my Moos.

  4. whatsyourtalenightingale.com says:

    ~ Eunice

  5. Marissa says:

    Those are fabulous! I want one! And I need some of my own 🙂

  6. Tarah says:

    Mine showed up yesterday, however yours are way cooler with the pictures on the back. Love them!!

  7. needle+thread says:

    ohhh… you all are likin the moo's! and yes, darrah and eunice are on them… i picked 5 girls and 5 boys, i'll pick different ones when i reorder… so fun!

  8. dana says:

    I have never heard of Moo's. I love it! They look fantastic! Nice choices for your pictures.

  9. L says:

    You KNOW I want one.
    Send me all your papers

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