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10 Jun
June 10, 2014

finals.  remember those?  cramming.  notes.  study groups.   i can’t remember the last time i thought about finals.  and then this morning my barista asked me what i’d been doing all week (uh, it’s tuesday?) and instead of truthfully answering, i asked her what she had been up to.


wow.  the trip my brain took on the way home.  cramming. up all night studying.  or… one of my faves.  winging it.  thinking you’d paid enough attention in class, taken pretty good notes, and just walking in and doing your best.  i started thinking about how school doesn’t really set you up for life.  life isn’t about grades.  and testing.  life is about… trying things.  even if you fail.  trying something new.  a food you’ve never had.  cooking something you’ve never made.  reading a new book and changing your outlook.  it’s not about tests.  it’s not about competing.  and i’m pretty sure my kids, my husband and any of the bosses i’ve had in my life haven’t passed out grades.

anyway.  i enjoyed the trip down memory lane, and i really liked my perspective from this side of ‘finals’.  the idea that i got a C or a B in something has had zero impact on my life. i wish i’d had a little more fun in school.  i was always in favor of pursuing my interests in college- swimming, ceramics, bag making, latin, french.  it’s too bad so much of that stuff felt like goofing off.  it was the good stuff for sure.

*photo collage – a little motivation to keep you inspired while working on your dreams.  need more?  visit the board on pinterest!

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