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10 Nov
November 10, 2014

soooo… maybe it’s one of those things where, you start getting interested in it, and then you see it EVERYWHERE. but it is literally, everywhere. if it’s in urban outfitters, it’s trickled down. starbucks, target… they’ve all used it in marketing. then i started compiling the images, and just doing general searches on pinterest yielded some amazing results. that burnished metal, equilateral triangle wall is stunning. and of course these aren’t necessarily derived from quilting. but it’s there in influence. i personally love the simplicity. my faves are the flor half square triangle carpeting (so colorful!) and probably that bright equilateral triangle bedding. more images after the jump… 

the trend explained – i took the most influential quilt patterns and dedicated a compiled photo for each- flying geese (above), equilateral triangles (below- quilt examples are in the middle of each photo), and half square triangle (at the bottom). for references and link backs please see this board on pinterest. don’t hesitate to ask questions, and drop me line in the comments if you see a noteworthy quilt inspired item. i am LOVING this one (not featured in any of my references) and couldn’t resist getting it in here somewhere- lovely!

quiltinspiredEQtriand last- the half square triangle, probably the easiest for flooring (cutting boring VCT into triangles, instant oomph) and walls. also the biggest interpretation i saw- an art installation and that gorgeous warm neutrals wall in a restaurant below…


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