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21 Apr
April 21, 2015

i’m a little at a loss. i don’t fashion gush much. i think it’s hard to if you’re just a commoner. but… there’s something the-little-girl-inside-you about admiring couture. right? you lived in a small town growing up, didn’t have much, and reading magazines was a peek into another world. it’s nearly… just, cliche. but, i did. i was. all of it. and… i saw this trailer, and it’s… i think i cried the first time i watched it.

i read a book, and if you get a chance, you should too- it was… lovely. and i don’t remember it going in-depth about dior, but that’s kind of where the fascination started (the beautiful fall). then, when i was going through school, galliano was… it. it was him, and mcqueen, they were just doing these collections that… they defied words, and people, and your mind. they were… stunning. so over the top. so… more than any normal person could imagine, and you saw them, and you had a physical reaction to… clothes.

anyway- when galliano went through his shit (so awful- amazing talent, not nice person) and all of sudden, there was no one doing dior, and they kept saying names, and you couldn’t imagine it. and then when they settled on raf. i just remember thinking… really? but how will it be over the top? how will he step up and be more galliano. which was dumb. because he’s brought this… fresh, clean, sophisticated feel. and it’s just so perfect, and still sumptuous. and anyway- this movie caught my eye, and i thought i’d share.

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