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25 Jun
June 25, 2014

i had the opportunity to bid some freelance lately, and although i’m always a little tentative working for companies i’ve never heard of, i pursued this project purely from the standpoint of practice.  freelancing is just as much about keeping sharp as it is about getting the work, and the two aren’t always encountered together.

self employment has been a learning curve.  wearing so many hats, dealing with kid care, making my dining room my office (uber glam), it can be a challenge to stay motivated.  i’ve learned that the best way to keep feeling like it’s a ‘job’, whether there’s work, or there isn’t, is to set ‘office hours’ and pursue the next idea on my list.

this one came along at the perfect time (some things do).  and although i didn’t get the work (man was that company SKETCHY), i really enjoyed this.  creating a tight packet, self directed, getting feedback from past colleagues… it checked a lot of things on the stay sharp list.  feel free to let me know what you think, i’d love to hear!

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