a certain look

15 Jun
June 15, 2009

i started this blog, or actually, i could take it further back than that… the idea came to me for this blog, years ago.  i moved here from a place that is 180 degrees from seattle… we’ll call it… arizona.  when i moved here, i thought i’d found the place where i belonged.  my pale skin and independent spirit were a true fit in the northwest (maybe also east coast, but i’d never been, so couldn’t compare).  ANYWAY… on trips back home, and really anywhere else, when i was headed to the airport, and then my gate, i’d start seeing people who i thought were on their way back home to washington.  it was a game i played with myself… in head ‘i bet that guy lives in seattle’. i’d get to the gate, and he’d be there… in the late 90’s it was a grunge look, or what i’ll call ‘programmer’ (no offense, some of them have a look), sometimes just a woman who looked ‘seattle’.  i truly don’t know what it was, but i always felt like when i got to the gate, headed back to seattle… that i’d come to a group of my people, i recognized them.  seattle being small, there were a couple times… (usually vegas) where i’d see someone i knew. i love this city, and i love the people in it.  as i head to a distant land called texas for the week, i’ll look for my people when i hit the return gate home…

photo at the market courtesy of patrick, his photos are here, and they are beautiful.
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  1. Marla says:

    this is so very true!

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