bellevue fashion week – nordstrom fashion show

01 Oct
October 1, 2009
From needle+thread
soooooo… kind of overload, and although i started with 547 pictures, i’m slowly whittling them down… here’s a pre-show shot to get you started… these are the media darlings- left to right- rachel of vuesociety, alexandra of alexandra hedin design, youa of photobyyouakong, and denise of jaunty magpie. here’s the album to see more of the pre-show.

and check back, i’m going to upload all the runway looks/designers, and highlight a look from each…
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  1. denise, the prime magpie says:

    So wonderful to officially meet you! And I know you heard it a million times, but that dress you made/wore was gorgeous. How does it feel to be the belle of the ball?

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