buy it – shoes – toddler edition

30 Jul
July 30, 2014

seriously.  ser. i. ous. ly.  i’ve been to nordstrom 3 times.  my kid has been wearing jelly sandals that i bought on a whim, because… hello, she needed something to go on her feet, and they fit, and they were inexpensive, and i couldn’t FIND ANYTHING.  they’re even all the things that i didn’t want (pink, glitter, useless) AND they smell like strawberries.  i’m not even kidding.

so after the THIRD trip to nordstrom, thinking there would be something on anniversary sale… i got her feet measured and came home.  and now, i’ve done 42 searches, and i still hate everything.  i’m blaming being a designer, but… let’s get real.  when every store sells the same thing, it’s because they think it’s what people want, because it has a history of selling.  but WHY.  WHY.  WHY do i have to buy my 1 year old daughter a pair of shoes that has SEQUINS on them.  SEQUINS.  they’re navy.  but they’re also purple (of course, the world HAS to know she’s a girl, based on her footwear) and there are sequins.  that i missed in the online photo.  and also, because it would never cross my mind that there would be sequins on them.

i’ve put this collage together, but… it’s made me a little… irritated?  some of the brands i loved for my son, especially tsukihoshi, their girl shoes SUCKED.  every single one was pink, or purple or silver.  i could easily buy the boy ones, it just seems strange that all the girl options, and there were…37.  dude.  37.  two are blue, and they still have pink or purple on them.  i bought my son the same shoe 3 times, because it was so easy to get on, it washed amazing, and they never wore out, and he wore them every day.  i’m not buying the same version of that shoe in pink.

anyway, enough of my rant.  i’ll continue the search.  she’s got her navy/sequin shoes, so i bought us some time.  and reinforced to retailers that i’m willing to let my daughter look like a disco ball, yet again.

maryjanes – 1- see kai run 2- keds 3-cienta 4- see kai run 5- cienta walkers – 6- see kai run 7- see kai run 8- puma 9- tsukihoshi 10- stride rite (the sequin offender) 11- adidas 12- adidas

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  1. ara jane says:

    yeah, i’m so tired of pink on all the girl stuff. i just buy ingrid boy shoes most of the time. sigh.

  2. admin says:

    total sigh. i had such a feeling of defeat when the shoes showed up with sequins. i’d been holding out, waiting til i found something ‘better’, only to be defeated by the sparkle. you win this round retailers.

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