celebrating grandpa – 94 years

06 Oct
October 6, 2014

this past sunday my grandpa turned 94. i received an email about a week ago, that he wasn’t doing all that well.

i don’t have a lot of newer memories with my grandpa. i moved away from arizona almost 20 years ago, and there haven’t been a lot of visits back there over the years. i do go see him when i get anywhere close, but the last time we saw each other was my wedding. and that was… 8 years ago. (pictured above- grandpa LOVES to rock the pastels!)

of course we’ve talked on the phone, and letters… but i miss seeing his face. i’m stricken to think he’s declining. 94 years is a lot of time on this earth. i can’t wait to see photos after my cousin visits him for a birthday dinner. she said i could send a video of us, and she’d share it with him. (**update- I got to FACETIME WITH GRANDPA!! yay technology, and sweet cousins who go to denny’s for wifi!)

he has amazing stories that i took down decades ago- living in a dugout house in colorado when he was a little boy, about his father who was a traveling dentist, being the youngest of 9 kids, meeting my grandma (a beauty queen in their small missouri town) and being on a ship that was bombed during wwII. i remember when i was 4 thinking there was no better guy than my grandpa. i loved him fiercely. maybe as only a little redheaded, 4 year old girl can. he spoiled me. taking trips to the store for my grandma, and always letting me pick out a treat. reading me the funnies (remember THOSE) and letting me snuggle with him- he was so WARM.

To more years of grandpa, and hoping his health improves…

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