coastal style – seely brothers – bainbridge island

16 Sep
September 16, 2010

i receive hundreds of PR emails a week.  at first… i enjoyed them.  now… they’re getting a little tedious.  only once in a while, does one strike me, and i think… yes, this is something i would actually feature.  half the time, i wonder if they’ve even looked at the site.  i do only post seattle specific content.  i really only like to post photos.  and i doubt you, dear reader, could care less about which celebrity is wearing what earring, or weather new shops open in vegas.  hardly relevent to us.  and on behalf of you (and my sanity) i delete.

but yesterday i received an email about a campaign that nautica is doing, and they’re featuring some locals.  so since it interested me (and i dig the campaign).  i thought i’d share.  i have some nit-picks: if it’s ocean2ocean, why are they on the lake, it’s not the most scenic shots of our land… but it does seem somewhat ‘lifestyle’ and these boys do actually seem like they’d wear the clothing, plus it works for the activity, and so- here you are.  let me know what you think, if you care to, and thanks to nautica for including needle+thread in their mailing.  i didn’t receive anything in exchange for my post (missed my free umbrella by not being at the bainbridge ferry this morning- DUDE, i need a free umbrella!), i just thought it was a somewhat honest approach to a medium i usually find pesky.  plus, you know.  i like to feature the locals.

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