work in progress – creating pattern + creative block

15 May
May 15, 2015

so, last week i posted that i was working on a print for an upcoming spoonflower challenge.

i literally thought- this is tailor made for me! kids, pj’s, mermaids!!! then proceeded to have complete block about how to move forward.

i had an initial flurry of getting down elements, ideas. what i wanted the print to be. but there was just something… in the way. getting from a to b was an unknown, and instead of just tackling it, regardless of skill level (like i have in the past with COUNTLESS things), i think other people know better, doubt myself, and become completely immobile.

i’m so excited that i got past that nonsense. that i kept at it. i KNOW this. i’ve got this. i realize that this is nothing big… but it feels so huge in my head. not every element is perfect. i think the repeat isn’t quite what i want. but now that i’m this far, i’ll tackle getting it closer, getting it tweaked just a bit more. i’ve got a few more days, i’m jazzed i pushed through.

happy weekend! xox-k.

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