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04 Aug
August 4, 2014

i went back to school a little later in life.  i’d had a really successful career in middle retail management, that shockingly enough, made me come home and cry and drink every night.  oddly, i wanted something more.

when i told my family i was going back to school for clothing design, they were incredulous that i’d give up such a great job.  maybe they were more incredulous that i’d finally achieved some amount of financial accountability, and i was going to chuck it out the window (again) in favor of art school.  all this is to say, your dreams rarely make sense to other people.

it’s also a reminder to myself that for as often as i say i’d benefit from a mentor, or someone in my life who’s done some of these things (who i could pump for advice), i know what i want to do, i know my limits, and, if i’m honest with myself, the only thing really stopping me is fear rather than lack of knowledge or experience.

this week i’m going to launch a kickstarter to fund something i’ve wanted to do… probably since my last quarter in school (2002).  i think every fashion student feels a rush when they watch their final collection walk down a runway.  when you get into corporate design land, you get that gratification, but your name isn’t on it.  i’m excited to take one more step (in what seems like an epic trek across mars) towards having my own line, and ultimately, a business based around creating. i feel tinges of pride that i’ve overcome my fear and kept pursuing.  paperwork, doubts, math… i’ve tackled each new thing, and slowly, it’s happening.

i think it was january 2013 that i put these words up on the wall in my cube, and wrote them on the first page of every planner and journal i owned.  they’ve served me well.  so simple, and so straightforward.  cuts through the b.s. of fear and doubt, don’t have to think through to the end, don’t have to worry about 3 steps from now-  just start.  i also added a photo of me from school days, because we all make bad decisions, and it’s a lesson to the youth of today to not be photographed wearing headwear you’ll regret.  ever.  ok, and also because, bad decisions or no, it’s never the wrong choice to listen to the voice in your brain and follow your dream. it might take you…11 years, but you’ll get there.  just start.

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  1. Irina Elston says:

    Very inspiring! So proud of you Kam!

  2. admin says:

    Thank Irina!!

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