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26 Oct
October 26, 2015

this past weekend, i went to a party. that’s epic. i don’t think i’ve been to a party, minus my kids since… christmas 2013. not kidding. i was jazzed.

it was great to see so many people i’ve known for so long, so much so, that i started feeling human again. i was… buzzing.

and standing next to a woman i’ve known as an acquaintance for over a decade, she turned to me and mentioned the class i had coming up. somewhat inquisitively, somewhat curiously… and it seemed that she might like to come. so i said- ‘you should come, it’s going to be fun’. and she replied- but it’s in kirkland. (cue slow, sad, buzz killing music…)

i’ve designed clothing for 12 years. i was laid off during my second maternity leave from a job that i thought was my dream job. i loved the group i worked with, i loved my boss, i loved working at the company i worked for, and it was a bit soul crushing to realize, after kid number two, that i wouldn’t be going back. since then, i’ve done my best to maintain a design space, stay creative, and keep… making, keep designing. i’ve worked to reinvent some of what i want to do going forward.

i’ve hope that i’ve put together some cohesive content for an intro apparel sewing class that i’m teaching in a shop of my choosing. yes, it’s in kirkland. but… that’s not mars. it’s like a 30 minute drive from my house. yes, it’s technically another city. but the shop, the store where we’re having the class… amazing. inspiring. beautiful. a well lit space with great tools and special fabrics. i’ve limited attendance so that we can keep it intimate, and on track. i want people to leave with a finished garment. nothing is more annoying than taking a class and not getting time with the instructor, or the info you need, or frankly, walking out with a garment that doesn’t fit, or worse, isn’t done, and you get back home and it sits in the to-do pile.

it pains me to think that someone might be put off by the fact that the class is in kirkland. i chose the location with as much care as i chose the content. the instruction. the attendance numbers. i chose it with future students in mind. if you’re thinking of signing up, but hesitant due to the drive… i guarantee it’s going to be worth it. creating in a beautiful space with like minded people is worth a 30-45 minute drive.

get all the details on the intro to apparel classes via circa15 fabric studio’s website. the tiny pocket tank class is november 3+4, 6-9pm both nights, and the everyday skirt is november 10+11, 6-9pm both nights. call or stop by the shop to reserve your spot. 425-309-9553

i can’t wait to see you! xoxo- k.

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