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16 Oct
October 16, 2014

inspiration for end of week. when i need motivation, i go read a bunch of stuff here and get all jacked up on the good stuff. maybe it’s hokey, but it’s like low rent therapy. i feel like i’m having trouble with body image and self starting some sort of exercise routine. i admire friends that can tackle working new activities into what feels like a daunting schedule. or maybe i just admire the ability to have a little more backbone when it comes to want vs. need. do people want to exercise? i want to read a book. i feel pretty certain i’m going to prefer it over the pain of an exercise class. the few times i have worked up the courage, i haven’t regretted it, but… i don’t know. i’m searching for what would MAKE me go do it. pretty soon, it’s going to be that i can’t pull on my favorite jeans. then i’ll probably just freak out that i’ve let things get too out of control… YAY!

i also went through all my make-up, and threw out over half of it. i don’t even have that much, but… there’s something weird about holding onto something you think might make you look ‘pretty’ some day. bizarre. i’m done with this idea that a lipstick is going to make me feel better about myself. if i don’t want to wear it today, i probably don’t want to wear it ever. plus, the purge feels way better than knowing i have it ‘just in case’. there are so many things i seem to hoard away for a someday. i’m slowly working through finding what they are, and tossing. i don’t know why i do it, but so far, it feels pretty good to let them go.

above- leaf photo used from whimsy box. didn’t find credit for should, would, could print, but somewhere from etsy?, ‘fortune favors the brave’ print by alyssa nassner.

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