getting it together – january

26 Jan
January 26, 2017

man, tough year. and i’m not talking about 2016. i just can’t take another moment on a social site today, and instead, decided to find something positive to focus on. to work on creating and moving forward (i also randomly decided to scrub my fridge and stove, top to bottom, crazy, right?). i’ve called my local representatives for the day, i’m scheduled to attend my school’s pta meeting tonight… i’m doing. and for however how small, i just need to keep doing. i’m keeping the word #resist in my head, and i’m trying to find daily ways to work towards that thought.

at the other end of the spectrum- daily life. what i want to do with my year. goals, ideas, projects. the house is a constant. i’m slowly working at interior painting, but honestly, i’m getting to the point that maybe i just need to hire someone. be done with raw, mudded ceilings, half painted dining room, pesto mayo paint color EVERYWHERE

and my workroom! which is ever… so… slowly coming together. ok, not that slow. in the last week i’ve made tremendous progress. and by tremendous, i mean i’ve moved all the boxes around, and made a secret cubby to hide from my kids. kidding! not really. actually, i’ve unpacked a huge amount of junk, assessed if more storage is needed, built actual shelving units, and right now i’m in the middle of building the mother of all dream work tables. i say dream because a) it’s huge. b) it rolls 3) it’s underside is ALL STORAGE. and d) it dispenses wine and xanax. JOKE. it’s not that dreamy.

so, what else? i’ve decided to return to the idea of monthly creating. since my goal is to have most of the work room together by end of january(ish), i’m figuring out a schedule of project-a-month ideas, which you know, i totally had for last year, but then decided to sell a house, stage it, go on vacation while buying a new house, come home and move, hyperventilate, nervous break down, all creative plans dashed, *fainting couch*, aaaannnddd scene! i’m just going to try again this year. easy peasy. i also hope to be posting a little bit more regularly, and with the new workspace, hopefully inspiration strikes.

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3 replies
  1. Mom says:

    Way to go Kam

  2. Phyllis Brown says:

    I love ❤️ your house! I’m looking for a Teal paint color and saw your beautiful dining room–what color is the Behr paint, please? It’s sooo pretty!! I found your blog and picture on the Behr website. Thanks in advance.

  3. kam says:

    i feel like i tried to send you an email, and then never heard anything, but it’s very possible it was technical issues on my end… it’s been a while! the paint color is actually a val-spar color- i’ll find the chip and let you know. shimmering sapphire? maybe? then i had it color match at home depot to be able to use behr. because i love behr paint.

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