halloween – seattle style – toddler edition

05 Nov
November 5, 2014

wow. that went quick. is october really over and we’re already… days into november? surreal. and daylight savings. man that is a DOWNER. still never used to that. and kids. kids don’t care about daylight savings. we’re all hopped up on candy, and heading for a nap too late, and then it’s not long enough… darkness descends.

i had a hard time jumping into halloween this year. i had high hopes for costumes and pumpkin patches, and then the weather and the schedule just… didn’t collide. the first year we haven’t done a pumpkin patch. it’s fun to go, but it was kind of nice not to stress. and on halloween day i was at target buying my littlest a costume i should have bought the first day i saw it. which made us an hour late for our festivities. mom fail.

sometimes i think there’s too much pressure. like we have to do everything. all the trick or treating, and taking them everywhere… too much. it was nice to queue up a movie on saturday night, order some pizza and let go of all that nuttiness. all the expectation i put on us. i made a note on my october calendar (for next year) to remember not to be an insane do-everything monger.

i know i just want to savor every last bit of this season, but there is a thing as too much. sometimes saying no (or not this year) feels like the right thing. i’m getting to be ok with that.

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