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03 Apr
April 3, 2010
From needle+thread

i’ve looked through some of my earliest posts, there’s probably no one more critical than me… that being said, i’ve come a long way.  i’ve learned a ton, both about my camera, and myself… and really what more could you ask?  i’ve been invited to some cool events (some are coming up) i’ve been contacted by people all over the world, and right here in seattle.  i’m glad you find inspiration here.  i’m glad you’ve visited… i hope you continue to check back.  this has been an evolution, and when i needed it most, a labor of love.  i love grabbing my camera and walking around our beautiful city… below- my very first post, above- the very first picture i took… here’s to another year of visually capturing all parts of seattle… i hope you have a great weekend!  xoxo- n+t

from april 3rd- 1st post of needle+thread

i’ve lived in seattle for 9 years.  before that, i lived an hour and half north of here, and when i came to seattle, one of my favourite places to meander was the market.  even now, as a local, it never seems cliche’ to me to go there to connect to my city.  i never get tired of wandering there.  poking through new corners.  going a little further than i went last time.

a new goal has been to document some seattle fashion. seattle is a land of individualists. people who don’t conform to the rules of other cities. it’s a joke that we wear fleeces and socks with sandals, and i won’t even argue with you, i own more fleece than i did when i lived in arizona. and my tevas are beloved, although i would sooner set fire to hair than wear them with socks. but i get it.

i want just a little bit of what my city looks like here. from the man selling produce with the wicked style, to the girls walking around in herds starting the new grunge. i love living here, and i’ve always loved people watching. this is my way to connect to where i live and be inspired.

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7 replies
  1. Elea Carey says:

    Congratulations! Not only does it all look good, but you’re doing a public service.

  2. tina says:

    congratulations! time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. My blog is over two years old now. Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

  3. Emerald Dandy says:

    Happy Birthday! What a fantastic year it’s been 🙂

    Miss you – hopefully we’ll be able to connect soon!

  4. Amy_Espresso says:

    I’m a fairly recent reader and I love this blog already. Thanks for showing us such great examples of Seattle street style. I’m from Denver and I’ll be visiting this summer – your blog has given me clothes ideas for the trip!

  5. Erin Gainey says:

    So great! Very happy to have made your acquaintance.

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